Monday, May 12, 2014

Check your health for 60 seconds

Our body is the perfection of nature that continuously sends messages when there is a problem. 

Below are some tips on how you can test your health in just 60 seconds. 

How to make a brief physical examination? 

See your urine 
The normal color of urine should be clear and light yellow. Discoloration of urine did not immediately cause for alarm, as the food, drink and drugs can change the color of your urine. If you have burning with urination, frequent urination, if you've noticed traces of blood in the urine, if the urine is turbid and if there is an unpleasant smell immediately seek medical help. 

Review your hairbrushes 
The loss of about 100 hairs a day is normal, but if the number exceeds 200 it is time to consult with your doctor. Excessive hair loss can indicate hormonal changes, problems with the thyroid gland, as well as many other diseases in the body. Excessive hair loss is a sign of alarm. 

Test your eyes 
Sclera reveals a lot about your health. Under normal circumstances it is very white. Redness of the eye, causing small blood vessels, which caused some health problems may become accentuated. If you notice yellowing of the whites of the eyes immediately contact your doctor. 
Seven days in daylight watch your sclera. If there is a color change causes can be lack of sleep, irritability, allergies and effort. If discoloration persists longer see the whites of specialists for eye diseases. 

Nails are the mirror of health 
A healthy nail is firm, clear and transparent. Any changes to the appearance and strength of nails can be an indicator of the presence of disease. White spots on the nails can mean a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Yellowish nails can indicate a yeast infection. 

Inspect your skin 
Skin cancer is the second most common disease in young women. Many forms of skin cancer if detected early have a good prognosis. Inspect your skin from face to feet. Change the appearance of existing moles or the appearance of new reason to visit the doctor. 

Blow your nose 
Under normal conditions of mucous membranes of the nose secretes small amounts of mucus, which is a protection against irritation, dust, bacteria and viruses. Blow your nose in a white paper handkerchief. If you do not blow out anything that means that your mucous membranes healthy. If you blow out the liquid transparent transparent mucus probably the case of irritation, change in temperature or allergies.Yellowish or greenish mucus, especially if they are present headache indicates a possible infection and the reason is to visit a specialist in ear, nose and throat. 

See toothbrush and dental floss 
A huge number of health problems can manifest in her mouth. Also, diseases of the teeth are not just a problem in the mouth, but can cause problems with the kidneys, joints and heart. Blood on the toothbrush and dental floss can be an indicator of sensitive gums or minor infections. Inspect your teeth and visit the dentist twice a year. 

All of these tips can not replace a medical physical examination. Think of your health. 

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