Monday, March 17, 2014

Milk is not the poison

Every day we are exposed to information that milk is harmful to human health. In present circumstances, more and more people are switching to a vegetarian diet for many reasons.
When we were kids are constantly telling us that cow's milk is a source of health. I wonder what's really changed?
Cow's milk has many positive features. Actively participates in the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol metabolism in the bone, and prevention of the development of cancer.

One of the victims of panic over the obesity epidemic is milk.

Whole milk a long time ago "loathe" Everyone who care about the new trends in nutrition. Today, milk and dairy products are increasingly seen as "white poison".

Another reason to fear the milk is more widespread (completely false) belief that adults develop intolerance to that food. In addition, an increasing number of people believe they are allergic to milk - which is also, in most cases completely false belief.

Modern theories emphasize the fact that after weaning mammals do not need to drink more milk do, unfortunately, is too widespread story that milk creates an acidic environment that harms bones, or that a lot of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Sales of dairy products fell drastically.

A major problem arising from misconceptions about milk, however, is that the people there very healthy and nutritious foods and deprive children in need. Moreover, more and more nutritionists emphasizes that adults should drink more milk.


Milk is very important and healthy food, which is not only not gain weight, according to the latest research plays an important role in weight loss, especially the most harmful fat. Milk helps in the elimination of the so-called. visceral fat, or fat in the internal tissues and organs, and stomach. Milk also actively participates in the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol, the metabolism of the bone, and prevention of cancer. The milk reduces the number of cellular mutations, which lead to the development of cancer.

Milk is the most effective means to rehydrate the body after physical exertion, workout or game. Not only that fluid intake in the body, but has the perfect ratio of minerals, vitamins, fats, sugars, bioactive components, which instantly repairs damaged muscle tissue. Milk is a perfect tool for the prevention of bone fractures.

Two servings of milk per day in adolescence means 38 percent less risk of developing diabetes later in life. According to one cup of 200 milliliters per day for adults has a protective effect on the brain - according to the results of other investigations. Why is milk for years notorious, why it is already too many people replace soy beverages and cereals?

Today, the milkfat automatically declared unhealthy. There is also a trend that many other diseases declare a milk allergy.
An Italian study found, for example, that 38% of "allergic" to a variety of foods only 4% actually have a negative immune response and possible allergy to milk. All the rest were various other symptoms that were misinterpreted.

From the above text it can be concluded that milk is not the poison that belongs to a group of healthy foods since ancient times.

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