Monday, January 20, 2014

How to ease digestion?

Fast food,  irregular meals and a lot of   stress  everyday are the most common causes of indigestion.

Every day you sit like a bear in its den, to gorge snacks and roll to drop the channels on the TV. Thicker from day to day. Do you know what is metabolic syndrome? It is also called the deadly quartet. Today I will not write about the metabolic syndrome, but I know that you will look for additional information on your favorite  search engine.

I just wonder , do you think about your health in a few years?
Everything was great until the organism is young and can be repaired when damaged.  What will be when  reserve of  your body begin to wear off?

Winter diet, with lots of fatty foods and heavy burden on our digestive system and creates a whole host of ailments, including indigestion, headaches, and serious cardiac arrhythmia. 

Every day should gradually adopting healthy habits. One of them is drinking tea from medicinal plants. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and cereals contain healthy dietary fiber, which are necessary for the functioning of the entire digestive system, especially cancer. 

Your diet should have a regular rhythm, with several small meals a day. Do not skip meals. Do not eat too rich meals. Remember that obesity is the biggest killer. All other serious disease in the substrate are obesity,  including heart attack, stroke and cancer. Obesity is where all the problems start with health. 

The food you eat should not be too hot, but even not  too cold. Extreme changes in temperature of the  foods irritate the stomach. Foods that most strain and damage the digestive organs is fat and salted meat. I know that I would be lovers of cured meat and sausages hated.  Remember that there is no cholesterol in plants. 
The largest amount of bad cholesterol comes from meat products and fatty foods of animal origin. 
Sweets are your enemy, luscious cakes and pastries dry cause excessive secretion of gastric acid. One of the variants of the healthy fruit salad after the meal. 

Stomach disorders can soothe tea from fresh or dried leaves of chamomile, lemon balm or mint. Tea should be drunk in small sips, several times a day. 
Yarrow and dandelion tea are also friends of your digestion. 

Indigestion causes a lot more problems in your body than you think.

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