Friday, December 13, 2013

How to prevent a migraine attack?

Migraine headache is a queen. Any person who has once experienced the hell of migraine pain, fear of new attacks. People who regularly have migraine headaches dream of the day when the damn headaches disappear forever. Women suffer from migraines more often than men. Frequent attacks are often associated fluctuations and falling estrogen.

The cause of migraines is not definitely understood, but modern medicine knows some of the factors that provoke migraine attacks.

Below are several methods by which you can prevent new attacks.

Wear safety goggles. Avoid strong light and loud noises. Night driving, lighting and direct sunlight can cause a new attack of migraine. Rest your eyes whenever you get the chance.

Open daily headache. Write down what you did that day, what you ate, drank, as it was during the day, your emotions, consuming coffee and cigarettes, drugs that you drink, how much time did you spend on the computer. Write when you started and how did the attack?

Foods can cause headaches, so watch what you eat. Cheese, cured meats, chocolate, red wine, coffee and artificial flavor enhancers can cause headaches. Alcohol also induces migraine attacks.

Healthy sleep is crucial for people who suffer from migraine. Dehydration and lack of sleep causes migraines. Enter the food hour after waking, then every three hours less amount of food. Too much sleep can also cause a new attack of migraine.

Keep track of the weather forecast. High humidity and high temperatures are not pleasant for people with migraines. Get out of the confined space, if you stay on the air, not before.

Hormones are still the most common and the main culprit for frequent migraines. A large number of women during the menstrual bleeding experience migraines. During risk periods careful about nutrition, sleep and physical activity. Oral contraceptives increase the frequency of migraines.

Stress is also a powerful trigger headaches. Avoid stressful situations as much as you can, learn relaxation techniques, give time to yourself. Yoga and meditation are a great choice for people with migraines.

Reduce the work of the computer to a minimum, and make sure the position of the body. The injured cervical spine can also cause pain.

If you experience the early symptoms of migraine drugs, drink it before and escaped to the dark and quiet room.

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