Thursday, October 24, 2013

Why nettles is healthy?

Long known that a healthy plant nettles. Most of us when we mention the nettle, the thought of a childhood accident, but nettle is extremely healthy for our health.
This herb has many positive effects on the human body and is often used for medicinal purposes.

The following are the positive effects of nettle on health

Nettles can be used as an aid in the treatment of anemia, indigestion, rheumatism, migraine, atherosclerosis, and renal failure. Some studies have shown that nettle has positive effects on the stones in the kidney and prevent their occurrence. Nettle increases the secretion of urine, or
acts as a powerful diuretic. It helps with urinary tract infections.

Nettle reduces the pain of arthritis because it has anti-inflammatory properties. It also enhances the effect of drugs used for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. Effect of nettles in the human body goes through decreased synthesis of histamine produced by the body in response to allergens. Nettle improves immunity and strengthens our body. When you eat with lemon flavor is very nice. It helps in the treatment of certain skin diseases, allergies, lung disease, asthma, hay fever. It soothes sore muscles. Nettle reduces sneezing with hayfever.

Nettle tea can be found in every store and I have to say that is pretty cheap. I do not have to tell you what to buy today when you visit the supermarket. Cup of nettle tea with a little lemon nicely fits into your busy socializing with the computer.

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