Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to remove toxins from the body?

Every day we take a large number of toxins in our body. Poor diet, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, air pollution are just some of the factors affecting the formation of toxins in our body.
Rapid detoxification is not healthy and does more harm than good!
Toxins to be eliminated gradually.

- The body in normal circumstances, when not ill health and the immune system, performs a daily detoxification of the by-products of metabolism and digestion, additives we ingest through food, drug metabolites, pollution levels to come from air.  Detoxification mostly performed liver, kidney and part of the skin, through which the way of sweat also eliminate harmful substances from our bodies. The body has the perfect detoxification mechanism, but every system in the body has its limits.
Normal detoxification is compromised if the present decline in the immune system, lack of sleep, mental and physical stress, unhealthy diet with lots of additives, stay in air pollution and a chronic disease.

In these situations the toxins attack the sediment is provided in the adipose tissue, which can cause increased fatigue, malaise, oily skin with acne. At the same time the immune system continues to decline and there is a possibility of occurrence of various infections.

The organism can be cleaned in a number of ways such as: optimal hydration, moderate hunger, teas, diuretics, saunas, but they work only on a superficial level.

The poison is very difficult to remove rapid detoxification methods detoxification. Best Practices are healthy eating and occasional post.

1) Enter as much water which results in better drainage of toxins through the kidneys, but do not overdo it. There is a condition called water intoxication!

2) Proper and healthy diet
The poison is best to eliminate proper diet.
Proper nutrition in the form of elimination of alcohol, tobacco, excessive amounts of coffee, soft drinks, processed meat and industrially produced food restriction to the intake of meat and fried foods, sugar and salt and increasing the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit, grain products and whole grains, moderate amounts of milk. Also occasionally recommended post.

3) The use of diuretics and laxatives
This method is not recommended, because it disrupts the normal intestinal flora, and too much tea cause insomnia, tremors and rapid heartbeat. Fruit vinegar and acid can damage the lining of the stomach, upset the acidity of the blood. Remember that diuretics and laxatives medical drugs prescription!

4) Good sleep and physical activity are great methods for cleansing the body of toxins. 

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