Friday, January 11, 2013

Tips for people with allergies

About fifteen percent of the population of spring in the air stimulates the reward. With the first start coughing and choking annoying problems. That things do not get worse, stay away from allergens. How?

Anyone who suffers from allergies should be treated. "Untreated allergies and the associated hay fever in a third of cases can lead to asthma, allergies when spread on to the upper and lower respiratory tract infection," warns Dr. alergologinja. Blanka Haindl.

Allergy can be solved by using a method called specific immunotherapy, which operates on the principle of vaccination. Haindl doctor notes that the most important prevention for people with allergies or as little contact with the allergen.

Here are 10 expert tips:

Closely follow developments with pollen

Current information on the amount of allergens in the air can be found out from the newspaper or on television. Considering the amount of "his" allergens in the air can plan daily activities and to prepare a long-term preventive use of drugs.

Plan according to the time

Concentration of pollen allergens in the air depends on the development of time - the amount of pollen warming is increasing, while the rainy days were significantly decreased. When it is hot, dry and windy day, if you can stay home. Try to perform outdoor activities shortly after a rain, when the air is cleanest.

Carry emergency equipment

If you're worried just a lighter form of allergies, medications should not be taken long term. However, during the entire pollen season (here from spring to autumn) carry medicines that help in the event of an allergic reaction.

Prevent the introduction of pollen into the house or car

In the period when the peak pollen season, beware not ventilate the room and at night sleep with a closed window. Air at home or in the car should be equipped with so-called. HEPA filters, which are developed and used by NASA. These best filters are very good for people with allergies. The air in the bedroom rinse with cooler air or a humidifier.

Get rid of dust mites and

Cause or aggravating factor may be seasonal allergies and dust mites. Most gather in mattresses or bedding. From time to time wash your pillows and blankets at least 60 ° C, and thoroughly clean the mattress. Natural Spray helps Milbiol, eliminate dust mites in mattresses, and harmless to human health. If possible, remove carpets, curtains and blinds, replace, especially in the bedroom.

Be aware of the pollen on clothes and skin

Whenever you get home from the outside, change into a different outfit. Pollen clings to clothing and unnecessary nadraživala you would at home. Helps the shower, which will relieve you of pollen grains on the skin and eventually wash hair.

Beloved animals eject from the bedroom

Do not allow pets to sleep in your bed or on the couch. Although it may be offended when they eject from their usual, be relentless. Pollens are very well kept for animal hair, so that your dog or cat can walk out to bring big problems.

Regularly eat and sleep

Start each day with a healthy breakfast which will include fresh fruit or džus, rich in vitamin C. That will help strengthen the immune system, which will be easier to fight with allergies. If you are tired, allergy symptoms can be significantly worse. Please note that each night you sleep enough.

If you go for a walk, go early

The best time to walk in the early morning or late evening, when the amount of pollen in the air is available. The highest values ​​were about 17 hours. Avoid meadows and forests, they serve as a filter which collects the largest amount of pollen. Within the forest is less pollen, as well as in ponds or rivers with stone or sand coast.

Plan a vacation

If you know you're in a specific period because of seasonal allergies virtually unusable, try to use this flaw to their advantage. At the time of the peak pollen season, plan a vacation and travel somewhere, where the amount of pollen in the air is lower, for example, the sea or in the mountains, where the pollen season moved. At an altitude of 1000 meters above the mites do not appear.

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