Friday, January 11, 2013

Natural cough recipes

People cough medicine

Dry cough troubling you? Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this persistent and irritating coughs in a natural way.

Except for the cold, dry irritating cough can be caused by polluted air, hormonal changes during puberty, malfunctioning lungs, smoking one cigarette after another, alcoholism, or inflammation of the respiratory system.

Natural Remedies:

Henna is not just for hair coloring and decorating skin "natural tattoos". This plant is great for alleviating cough. Just make sure not to take the leaves that were treated with insecticides. Boil a cup of water from the leaves of henna and chilled tea progrgljajte throat. Doing so twice a day until the cough is gone.

Basil is traditionally used for inflammation of the lining of the mouth and gums, colds, flu and cough. How is it used? Everyday eat ten basil leaves for breakfast as a means of protection from the cold. If you still seized by coughing, make a tea of ​​basil. Dried basil leaves cover with boiling water and leave in a covered pan for ten minutes. Take tea regularly, but after eight days, a break of two weeks.

Mash two onions and drain their juice. Mix the juice of one lemon and dilute glass of water. Take this drink twice a day to relieve cough. Onion is also a major component of our following tips:

Take a yellow bow and drill it. Fill the hole with honey or brown sugar. Leave the bowl in an hour, and the syrup that will squeeze the delicious aroma. Or cook the chopped onion in apple vinegar. Add honey. Every hour take one teaspoon.

Unpeeled almonds help the body to fight viral infections such as colds and flu. Recent research has shown that natural chemicals found in the skin of almonds promotes better immune response to this infection. Make a mixture of nine ground almonds, honey and butter. Take it two or three times a day. Honey will act as an antiseptic and soothe sore throats.

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