Friday, January 11, 2013

Get rid of the body of dangerous acids

Acid-base balance of the body

Did you know:
that during metabolic processes generate waste acids that cause "acidification" of tissue and become the basis for developing the disease;
organism that has a base that supplies a wealth of our body to fight disease;
that all food intake and all human experiences (physical, emotional or mental) reflect the shift of acid-base balance in one direction or another;

to man through the change of diet alone can affect the reduction of waste acids and increase their base stock and thus maintain health and vitality.
Get to know your inner strength - acid-base balance.

I start with breakfast!
Because alkali have breakfast, then change your life!

Why is breakfast so important alkalizujući? Numerous studies have shown a direct correlation between breakfast and the quality of our health, including the amount of energy (vitality), obesity and aging. Without breakfast, your body is not getting the nutrients they need him more than to start the day, your metabolism is at a standstill and starts to rebel:
we feel sluggish and tired
We are lazy and sleepy
We are nervous, all irritate us.
Each time you should start with a diet, regardless of the list of foods that you have in front of me, the first question that crops up is: What breakfast? The answer, for some reason, almost always complicated and then the most important meal of "jumping". And the thing is actually very simple. We need to invest very little effort.

Very soon, you will see the benefits of breakfast: a higher level of hemoglobin, decreased blood sugar levels and improved function of the thyroid gland. In adults, regular breakfast means a reduced risk of heart attack. Platelets, the body's cells for blood clotting, becoming "lepljivije" in the morning before breakfast, which increases the possibility of forming a blood clot in the morning. If such a clot occurs in the coronary blood vessels, the result is a heart attack. Most heart attacks are taking place between seven and twelve o'clock in the morning. Breakfast alkali and alkaline diet in general can help the platelets become less sticky and thus contribute to the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. And something nice: weight gain will slowly disappear!

Start the day well rested, fresh and full of energy!
Donate it all yourself. Learn how the organism is introduced into alkalizuje and harmony. He will come back many times! Here are three suggestions for Holitimed alkaline breakfast:

First Meal cereal
It is necessary:
4 tablespoons of oats (muesli)
vegetable milk (almond or soy)
ground flax seed
Preparation: Flakes (Muslim), ie. selected grains cook so that the ratio of water and milk plant is 50:50. Preparation time is about 5 minutes until a dense mass. Then add the sliced ​​banana, cinnamon and flax seed.

Second Morning snack
It is necessary:
wholemeal bread flour in your food intolerance test
fresh cucumber (several rolls)
fresh tomatoes (cut into cubes)
alfalfa sprouts, pinch
1 tsp olive oil
salt and pepper

3rd Green smoothies
It is necessary:
1 banana
¼ avocado
150 g spinach
1 green pepper
1kk plant milk (optional)

Preparation: Bananas and vegetables cut into chunks and place in blender. Add water as needed to achieve the desired density of the beverage.

Source: Clinical Holitimed

Herbal teas are alkaline Index

Ancient Indian wisdom tells us:
"Better a week without food than a day without tea."
Get used to the herbal teas part of your everyday life as they are, with alkalizujući breakfast, an essential first step towards an alkaline lifestyle.

6 NAJBAZNIJIH herbal teas

Mint tea

Bazan Very, very tasty and very, very good for digestion. A refreshing, natural, caffeine-free and absolutely recommended for strengthening the immune-biological system to facilitate breathing, nausea and heartburn.

Ginger tea

And this "naughty boy" of the tea is good for digestion and heartburn but is also very good for circulation, colds, flu, stress and headaches.

Tea of ​​rosemary

Mediterranean origin, rosemary is a perfect rich in antioxidants. Since a very easy to grow, you can have your own rosemary bush! It is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E and K.

Lavender Tea

Certainly one of the most effective najmirisnijih and relaxation - eliminates insomnia, anxiety and stress and soothes after a long day. Like rosemary, lavender can cherish and enjoy themselves.

Tea pomegranate

Pomegranate is a fruit of the wild rose and very drinkable as a tea. Due to the high presence of vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and tannins, pomegranate is a major driver of energy, including quality and strengthens capillaries. It is very good for colds, flu, headaches, stomach problems and more!

Redbush (Rooibos) tea

This extremely rich in antioxidants, tea must respect, a real drink, especially if you want to give up coffee. Its slightly bitter taste, bitter taste will be used instead of coffee or black tea. Also, is full of nutrients such as calcium, manganese, magnesium and zinc - all strong alkaline minerals.

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