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Discover anemia at the time

How best to treat anemia?

Tormenting you headaches, you are sleepy, irritable, and have a rapid heart beat, tire easily with exercise, you have a sense of suffocation, and you spin the mist before the eyes of ...

These are symptoms suggestive of anemia, so it would be best to do it before the detailed laboratory tests to see blood. Anemia or anemia characterized by decreased hemoglobin and red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the iron-rich blood pigment that transfers oxygen from the lungs to the cells and carbon dioxide from the cells to the lungs.

How to identify anemia

If you doubt that you have anemia, it is important to discover the reason of anemia and type of anemia. The most common form of anemia is due to the reduced concentration of iron in the body (sideropenic anemia). Without enough iron, the body can not produce enough hemoglobin. This may be the cause of inadequate nutrition, starvation, increased need for iron, for example during pregnancy or in children in the developing world, or an increased loss of iron from the body. Or as a result of increased destruction of red blood cells as a result of other diseases.

It is important to stress that the group is certainly compromised pregnant and lactating women: on average in pregnancy 900 mg of iron transfer to the fetus and placenta, while breastfeeding lose up to 30 mg mjesečno.Zbog anemia due to iron deficiency creates lesions on the tongue and in the corners of the mouth, nails the dry, thin and brittle, and in serious cases, there is also bljedunjavost. Anemia that is caused by iron deficiency can be treated by changing the diet.

Foods rich in iron

If iron deficiency anemia is good to know which foods are rich in this essential element. Iron include most legumes (beans, peas), neljuštene grains, nuts, meats, eggs, fish, red meat, potatoes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The diet should include more and more green leafy vegetables, carrots, grapes, blueberries, blackcurrants, plums, apricots, tomatoes, whole-wheat bread, teddy sage or chestnut.

Absorption of iron should be taken to consume adequate amounts of vitamin C. But at the same time it is important to know that caffeine and tannins and nicotine interfere with absorption of iron from food into the blood, so you should avoid black tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

With a proper diet is necessary to apply certain preventive measures to avoid a decrease in the absorption of iron entered. Limit intake of calcium - calcium supplement to take at least an hour earlier or later than the uneto iron. Whole grains are a good source of iron, but also contain phytates, substances that make it difficult to absorb, so they should not be eaten together with foods that are rich in iron.

Helps with anemia and beetroot

In anemia, especially in children and young adults, particularly the effective cycle. It is rich in iron and contains substances involved in the formation of vitamin B12, which is a factor in the creation of red blood cells in the blood. Anemia is precisely the reduction in the number of red blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin and reducing the amount of red blood cells that carry you. The red color comes from anthocyanins beetroot, which affects the regeneration of blood in the body. It would be best to use raw beetroot, grated salad or squeeze the juice from it, because it would be preserved as much as its active ingredient. The fresh beet juice can add a tablespoon of honey or juice can be combined with other fruits or vegetables, it goes well with apples and carrots.

Blackberry Wine

It is rich in vitamins and minerals, and high nutritional value, blackberry wine is particularly effective in combating anemia. The recommendation is that over time takes Kupinova deciliter of wine a day, half an hour before meals. It should last at least a month to be able to show the effects of the consumption of not only medical but also a very tasty beverage that is produced by fermentation of ripe blackberry fruit. Blackberry wine than iron and other minerals, and contains large amounts of vitamins C and B, and folic acid and pectin.

Taking iron preparations

Pregnant women need greater amounts of iron, because the number of red blood cells increases during pregnancy and the mother's body reaches for the iron stores in the body. So you should bring increased iron food or if such physician recommendations, taking iron tablets or capsules.

Otherwise, the heavier forms of anemia need to take iron preparations at least for three months as it takes to rebuild its reserves in the body. Iron is best absorbed on an empty stomach, but many people can not stand it and take it with food. It is important to note that milk and dairy products interfere with absorption of iron and should not be taken simultaneously.

Other forms of anemia

In many cases of anemia caused by iron deficiency in the diet or lack of iron absorption during digestion. There is, however, a number of other causes. Megaloblastic anemia caused by vitamin BL2 or folic acid, and sometimes occurs in pregnancy. Pernicious anemia is the result of a lack of so-called. internal ingredient, a substance necessary for the absorption of vitamin BL2. Her most exposed people with blood type A. Aplastic anemia is a consequence of reduced or no production of red blood cells where they cause damage or inactivity of the bone marrow. Hemolytic anemia caused by the premature dissolution of red blood cells, which may be due to the use of certain drugs or infection.

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