Friday, January 11, 2013

Discard cigarettes

Do you think you ought to leave tobacco - whether you smoke, chew or death - so why procrastinate?  

Tobacco kills your health, empty wallet and leave you alone in a world that is slowly becoming a smoke-free world. So, set a date when you will leave tobacco and stay on it. Take control of your health and habits.

These tips can help you stay healthy:

Stop abruptly. Slow weaning is less successful. Stop the self. More than 90 percent of people who quit did so themselves - ie. not entered into an arrangement with another person who wants to quit smoking.

If you make arrangements with a friend, his or her failure to be a good excuse for your failure. Reward yourself.

Set daily, weekly, monthly goals and do something nice for yourself when you achieve those goals. Expand your voice. We all let them know that you stop. This will confirm your commitment and support of those around you will help you to stop smoking. Talk to your doctor about the resources to help you stop smoking.

Approximately 20 percent of the people stopped smoking with the help of nicotine patches, 25 percent with the help of nicotine gum. Are also available and nicotine inhalers and sprays. Also ask your doctor whether prescription drugs are good for you. Consider speaking with a professional person or join the support group. A little moral support from someone who understands what you are going through can help a lot when you are weak will power.

Where it is difficult to stop?

The first few weeks were the worst. Try to remember that it will be easier once. In the meantime ...

Plan in advance when you will be tempted desire for a cigarette. These are the situations where you would normally reach for a cigarette like. When you are nervous, angry or sad. Call a friend, running in place or nibble healthy foods. Create new daily habits. Start exercising, relive old hobby, or start a new one. Careers mouth. Chew gum or mouth fun lollipops. Employ your hands. Pucketajte fingers, slip rubber or play with the ball. Watch the crowd "money from cigarettes." Plan to spend it on something you've always wanted. Do not be discouraged if you fail. Most people going through rehab and up to five times before they quit successfully - the point is that they persistently try and ultimately fail.

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