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Detoxification is the way to health

Although we do not give it much attention, every moment of every day of our cells breathe, work and produce waste products. Part of this is the basic form of life: the body is constantly performing unthinkable number of functions at every moment of our existence. Each of the trillion cells that make up our body, looks like a miniature factory that produces a product, from hormones to cartilage, hair, enzymes, proteins, serotonin and many others.

Each cell plant uses sugar as fuel from food and oxygen from the air. Burning sugar gets the energy. But the waste products that need to be thrown out. The waste is released into the circulatory system where it captured cells responsible for its neutralization.

This process of neutralization of waste molecules cease to be toxic, the body without fear of them now be ejected through the skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, and directly through the intestines. The release of waste products for life is just as important as the production of energy. Do not come to him, the waste products to accumulate and become so poisonous that it would lead to the end of life. Therefore, Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of "Clean - program for detoxification of the body ', published by PLANETOPIJA, highlights the importance of a great detoxifying the body and said:' It's a constant activity Detoxifying the body is perfectly designed for its performance. '

To understand detoxification, we must more closely, said Dr. Alejandro Junger, author of "Clean - program for detoxification of the body's energy economy of the body. Energy resource is equally important for the body as it is for the planet. Total energy consumption of each station is called metabolism.

Some stations do 'more expensive' than other functions - consume more energy for your work. Energy reserves are limited so that the body of a second by second, must decide how to allocate the energy capital. If one area of ​​spending too much energy, it must be compensated by simultaneously saving elsewhere. The body can not take the energy of the loan, when the energy reserves begin to empty, it must shut down. Sometimes the demand for energy is so great that it must implement a split-second adjustments.

The amount of energy consumed in the elimination of toxins everyday, with the additional costs imposed by modern poisons, requires correction energy economy. Faced with such demand, the body has to prioritize, reassign and reorganize. So long as digestion consumes so much of the 'energy budget' detoxification will be partially ignored. Any additional modern toxins we are exposed to, and who have wormed their way into the bloodstream and various tissues, remained where they were, just as the lactic acid in the muscles retained for the duration of their labor-intensive.

Detox program is designed to be activated by a signal stronger than usual, largely reducing the burden of digestive tract. If the digestion long enough and often enough stops, the signal for the detoxification often turns on and adjusts the 'stronger'. This stimulates the release of accumulated toxins and mucus that clung to them. But that's just the beginning. Once the toxins are released from the tissue in which they are kept, they are free to enter the bloodstream. With these inputs and mucus which had been covered. And toxins and mucus urgent need to neutralize and expel, otherwise it will cause great harm to the body. Although the harmful toxins while keeping the tissues coated with mucus, there are harmful if they are released into the bloodstream at once and there disregard.

Programs cleansing and detoxifying accelerate and increase the removal of toxins. However, for effective and efficient program of detoxification process of releasing toxins and neutralization process it is necessary to balance and harmonize.

Alejandro Junger, author of "Clean - program for detoxification of the body 'in his book, as some of the most effective detoxification program states the following:

Post water
Since water is the most intense form of detoxification. During fasting the body of water is introduced only water, but when this kind of detoxification should be very cautious and careful. The long period of consuming only water can trigger fatigue, nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and skin rashes.

Thorough cleaning
Complete cleaning of detoxification program is the only liquid, and it has become popular recently. Drink only water with lemon, dark maple syrup and cayenne pepper hot, as long as you can stand it. As author of the book says, this detox program People generally well tolerated, however, as with water fasting, there are times when people react worse.

Post juices
During fasting juices to consume only freshly prepared fruit and vegetables, water and herbal teas. Detoxifying intensity is slightly slower than the fast water, but not significantly, so that detoxification is still pretty intense. Juices to ensure intake of nutrients needed for both phases of detoxification in the liver - usually drink juices made from green vegetables, with some sweet fruit juice, and kale is considered the best for making juice.

Post with mixed fruits and vegetables
In this type of fast fruit and vegetables have been replaced by mixed fruits and vegetables, so we saved fibers give a feeling of satiety, and emolijenti like avocado and olive oil increases the amount of fat. This slows down the release of toxins because more energy is spent on digestion. However, the advantage of this method lies in the fact that we are less hungry and this post detoxifying program is considered a medium-high intensity.

Raw Foods
Raw foods diet is perceived more as a diet that reflects the lifestyle than cleaning methods. Raw foods are rich in enzymes that help release toxins and support liver function. The lack of this diet is that it is to many people, because of hectic urban lifestyle, buy and complicated to prepare these foods.

Nutritional cleansing
Nutritional cleansing are the newest addition to the world of detoxification. Shakes are a special drink that is in liquid form ensures intake of protein, fat, carbohydrates and some with all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that the liver needs for his work. It also reduced the number of meals eaten from solid foods that do not irritate and does not burden the system. So cleaning is usually performed by taking the so-called medical foods - protein shakes made from natural ingredients and natural supplements.

Ayurvedic detoxification program
When it comes to the release of toxins, ayurvedic detox programs have been slower than many other methods of cleaning because they consume cooked foods. But the slow speed does not imply inefficiency. It is much better able to deal with longer-term and less intense detoxifying methods.

The elimination diet
The elimination diet based on eliminating foods that are difficult to digest or cause allergic reactions. It can also be used as a detox program. If we eliminate from the diet difficult to digest foods and eat mostly vegetables, brown rice, legumes, fish and lean protein, fruits and nuts and everything from organic farming, release a lot of energy that would otherwise be spent on initiating and maintaining immune responses.

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