Sunday, July 22, 2012

Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Needles to health
Acupuncture is not alternative medicine in the way of action, but the alternative in their effects for treating many diseases that modern medicine is unable to, say specialists in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture Dr. Feng Lin.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long capture the curiosity of many fans in the world, including ours, primarily because of the unusual and very interesting philosophical approach to the treatment and the positive effects that it has on the whole organism. The World Health Organization recognized in 1979. The acupuncture as an equal branch of medicine, because it meets the standards that are consistent with the modern method of treatment and made a very extensive list of diseases suitable for treatment by this method. Although the number of local doctors specializing in acupuncture treatment, we and the Chinese physicians applied the traditional science and philosophy of treatment. So recently, again a citizen of Novi Sad specialist in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture Dr. Feng Lin. In the capital of Vojvodina, Dr. Feng was with some interruptions, for nearly seven years.
- Acupuncture is not alternative medicine in the way of action, but the alternative in their effects as it cures many diseases that modern medicine is unable - to say, "Dnevnik" Dr. Feng. - The treatment of acupuncture is to bring the body into balance without bringing about any substance that is without any possibility to contact the harmful consequences. It can only benefit, not harm it.
Dr. Feng Lin states that acupuncture is an advantage over other medical disciplines in that it viewed as a whole man and treated his biggest problem - the pain caused by headaches, sciatica, neuralgia, while the whole body is brought into balance. Because none of the disease is not isolated and always associated with other accompanying symptoms, which are often the main cause of the diseased state.
Acupuncture treatment is quite successful and very topical allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, inflammation of numerous internal organs, nocturnal enuresis, depression and other neuroses, and all of the rheumatic diseases of joints, muscles and bones. Also, with the help of "needles" that we can strengthen the body and health, increase his physical and intellectual abilities that affect the quality of the skin, and to have a healthier and more beautiful look.

Painless stings

Acupuncture needles are very thin and their bite is slight, much less feel the injection. At fixed points, which are different for each type of disease, remain stuck a needle than twenty minutes to half an hour, but not at the site are permanent changes. The treatment is repeated eight to ten times, which, of course, depends on the type of illness and length of its duration. The whole procedure is repeated after one month in the same way. In very chronic and neglected cases, treatment is repeated several times until the desired effect, which is quite individual and the doctor evaluates each case individually. It can be argued that there is no disease in which acupuncture could not reduce the discomfort, if not completely cured.

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