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Time a strong effect on our body

Time is one of the favorite topics of conversation. The weather conditions are invited to what we had to chat with colleagues. But about the time we talk more often and for more serious reasons.

Although it has long known, the latest scientific research suggests that during a strong effect on our body as a whole. External atmospheric conditions increase the sensitivity of the body and encourage it to psychophysiological reactions.

When the weather changes, we are tired, and we can not sleep when it rains, we are feeling bad and hurts our head, and when the wind blows, we are irritable and nervous. Research shows that more and more people who are more or less sensitive to the effects of climatic conditions that surround them, then meteoropathy. Although the most vulnerable among middle-aged people, particularly women, meteoropatija affects all categories of people, from infants to the elderly. Moreover, as statistics show that nearly 50% of the population in Central Europe complains that he suffers because of the influence of time, experts predict that the sensitivity to time may become a disease of modern society.

Although the time we certainly can make life difficult, and daily functioning, you try harder, this is a problem we can successfully handle. For example, to make your body flexible time around where we live, the less we have to stay indoors because it is proven that among the many people who move and work in the open almost no meteoropathy.

Why is time so powerfully affects our body
Whenever the weather changes in the atmosphere to produce electromagnetic pulses that invariably affect our bodies and encourage him to respond and adapt. So, in this way, electromagnetic waves, the time - especially sudden changes and extreme low or high values ​​of temperature, pressure and humidity - proved every body burden. But some are not even aware of the changes that occur as a result of time in us, some of them are mildly or moderately susceptible, and some of us are very sensitive, and to them and react very violently.

However, the electromagnetic pulses and the degree of sensitivity of our organism, the reasons for the growing number meteoropathy attributed to the contemporary lifestyle. Scientists, in fact, believe that due to the life that takes place almost entirely indoors, often is an artificial climate, significantly reduced the natural ability to adapt and resist our body's various external weather conditions. So, how do we no longer live in harmony with nature, and almost did not open, our bodies are having serious difficulties in its alignment, which we very much feel. Of course, scientists believe, it should be added to atypical weather conditions caused by global climate change of more recent date.

The consequences of the impact of time
Typical indicators of sensitivity to weather, especially changes in temperature, pressure and humidity, such as: headaches, migraines, insomnia, sleep disturbances, nausea, fatigue, weakness, sudden changes in mood, irritability, nervousness, depressed feelings, trouble concentrating and mental functioning, disorders of heart disease, bone pain and joint pain, phantom, that is objectively unfounded aches and pains in the healed wounds, scars and broken bones healed.

The consequences of the impact of time feeling particularly those suffering from certain chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory, asthma, rheumatism and arthritis. The symptoms of these diseases under the influence of time, especially sudden changes and extreme climatic conditions deteriorate rapidly.

How to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of time

The more you stay in the open

The more you stay out there, regardless of the weather. Why do we feel good in the open only when it is warm and sunny? Do not run away from the cold and damp. Learn to enjoy the rain, wind, fog and snow.Instead of hiding indoors, and thus further emphasizes the negative effect of time on your own body and mood, go out and live in harmony with the time that surrounds us.

Be physically active as

Be more physically active outdoors. Suitably trained, the more you walk, fast walk, run or ride your bike, regardless of weather conditions. Your body and psyche to harden and make resistant to the adverse effects of time physical activity, ice, rain, snow and fog. Active stay on the air for at least half an hour a day, regardless of time, may become your habit.

Istrenirajte your body time to adjust to changes

Our body can be easily trained for adaptation to environmental conditions. So you can certainly reduce or eliminate the negative effects of weather, especially sudden changes have on our body and psyche. The most effective ways that can train your body for the submission of the weather conditions are regular visits to the sauna and shower alternating hot and cold water. The latter is especially recommended for people with low pressure, which are usually more sensitive to time.

The more you rest and relax

How very stressful lifestyle increases the sensitivity to weather changes, the more rest, relax and get enough sleep. As much as you can, especially in a time of change, slow down and reduce the rate at which normally live. Among other things, due to time sensitivity and Respect, practice a healthy lifestyle and devote great attention to healthy eating, physical activity and breathing and other relaxation methods.

Follow bioprognosis

If you are suffering from diseases that could significantly worsen the impact of time, be sure to follow bioprognosis and act in accordance with the instructions. But Bioprognoza can be of great help to those who are not ill but are just more or less sensitive. Furthermore, as we already tend to exaggerate, is going to accuse time and feel the negative symptoms in the days when meteorologists do not anticipate changes.So, if you regularly monitor forecasts in the days of no change from the morning you'll feel better, and the critical period will be able to prepare timely and appropriate.

If you have frequent adverse effects, contact your doctor

The body detects changes in time and, sometimes even more striking, and the usual reaction symptoms such as headache, insomnia, bad mood, it is quite normal. However, if symptoms persist for longer or get worse, always consult your doctor.

To relieve symptoms using natural resources

To eliminate or at least mitigate the negative consequences that we feel under the influence of time, definitely give the advantage of natural resources. For example, lemon balm tea with honey is very effective in combating fatigue and headaches. We can solve the headache and massaging the forehead, temples and neck marjoram or peppermint oil. Insomnia and inner turmoil is ideal chamomile and valerian. For "clarification" of the head on a handkerchief drip a few drops of lavender oil.

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