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The present status of homeopathy in the world

The development of homeopathy in the last thirty years are impressive statistics. It can be said that her greatest popularity in Europe and Asia, and then in America.

In relation to the number of people using this method of treatment, homeopathy is the second place, right after Chinese medicine, and behind it is hemorrhoids while allopathic treatment (known as the official medicine) only in fourth place.


Recent surveys suggest that 40% of the population have used homeopathic medicines, and even 39% of doctors advised them or transcribed. Homeopathy as a subject in all schools in four pharmaceutical veterinary schools, and at least six schools engaged in the education of homeopaths. President Mitterrand invited the public to more research in this area. Homeopathy treatment is reimbursed by the health insurance funds in the amount of 65%.

Great Britain

According to the British Medical Journal 42% of physicians sending patients homeopaths. According to another survey, 80% of newly graduated doctors want training in homeopathy, acupuncture or hypnosis.According to The London Times homeopathy is now the fastest growing alternative therapies in which Scotland in 1990. accepted 40% of respondents.

In Britain there are three trade associations. One includes only doctors, and has about 1000 members, the second includes nelekare and has over 2500 members. Prince Charles is a big advocate of homeopathy, thanks to him homepatija not be considered an alternative but complementary medical branch.

Since a few years ago homepatija be integrated into the health system of the country, so that, for example.can be found in hospitals and homeopathy nelekari who are members of teams. There are five homepatskih hospitals and hospitals that offer a range of other natural (alternative) therapies, including homeopathy. Treatment can be reimbursed from health insurance, after all, as with other alternative therapies. Government funded research in homeopathy.


Is it because of the debt due by Hahnemann and German precision, homeopathy was officially recognized in Germany and legally equal to traditional medicine, not only for homeopathy and other alternative therapies. It is fully involved in the health care system of the country, that is used in hospitals, medical costs are reimbursed by the health funds, the state funded research. Former President Karl Karstens and his wife established the foundation for the study of homeopathy.


It seems that the homeopathic philosophy fits perfectly with the teachings of the Vedas, because they do not believe that the only low cost homeopathic treatment for the overwhelming reason for the popularity of homeopathy in India. There is over 100,000 homeopaths, 100 the College, homeopathy has a favorable legal status, as well as in Germany. State funded research, hospitals, specialized clinics. Mother Teresa was joined in its mission homepatiju itself opened four charitable homeopathic dispensary in Calcutta.


Russia knows homeopathy over 150 years. A large number of other alternative therapies has long been popular with users such as medical and educational institutions. President Gorbachev awarded Demjan Popova in popularizing homeopathy in Russia in which it operates about 500 homeopaths. The state also funded the research.


In the early 20th century, homeopathy was popular in America than anywhere in the world, but through the efforts of the American Medical Association and drug companies has been reduced to a minimum.

As such it should be mentioned that around 1900. The U.S. was more than one hundred homeopathic hospitals, 22 schools and over 1,000 pharmacies, and that the sixties were less than 200 homeopaths. Of course Americans can not submit to such. India is in something better than them, so the last thirty years, homeopathy has developed incredible speed.

Sales of homeopathic medicines has increased by 1 000% in the period from 1970 to 1980 years.According to the Washington Post the number of doctors who specialize in homeopathy doubled between the 1980th and 1982. year. In the last two years the media have devoted more space to homeopathy than in the past 50 years.

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