Friday, July 27, 2012

The basic principles of homeopathy

The vital force
This is the first principle that is homeopathy different from conventional medicine.
The vital force is the energy that animates the body, maintain function, acts as a regulator of its attempt to maintain the harmony of the body. It can not be measured, but can be estimated by looking at what is the life force of a person. In kinsekoj traditional medicine is qi energy prana in Ayurveda. In other words, to the vitality of an organism.

The Law of Similars
This is the basic principle of homeopathy in which the similar similar treatment. This means that a substance that causes certain symptoms in healthy people is used for the same symptoms in sick people.
For example:
Allium cepa is made of onions, and is used to treat colds, which has siptome and sensations that occur when šečemo onion.

Each person has a predisposition and susceptibility, and respond differently to different diseases.Susceptibility depends on the quality of vital force, and it remains largely the same throughout life, but some factors can worsen the condition (smoking, alcohol, poor diet) and make the body more receptive to the disease. Also positive effects, balanced life, proper nutrition and a good homeopathic remedy, can reduce susceptibility to many diseases. Genetic heritage is of great importance for the susceptibility.

Myiasis is the disturbance, the error on the life force. Hahnemann initially had good results but eventually noticed that the symptoms or disease after a while back. For years, analyzed the chronic cases and concluded that the cause of this miasm. He has divided them into three types.

BCSD - the oldest myiasis, the root of all disease originated and suppression of cutaneous eruptions
Sycosis - comes from suppressed gonorrhea
Syphilis - Syphilis comes from suppressed

Drug testing
Each drug used in the homeopathic treatment has undergone testing process. Made a drug is given to a group of healthy subjects (one receiving placebo drug and the other subjects but do not know) until the first symptoms. It is made accurate notes of any symptoms on the physical, emotional and mental level.The collected image is a medical drug.

Potentiation of drug
Homeopathic medicine works on the vital force and the cause of the disease and not the symptom as a result. In order to fully comprehend every symptom we have seen him parade the vital force that is dynamic, so that the medicine that we must be dynamic, which is achieved by emphasizing the drug. Raise a drug is a special procedure that consists of strong dilution and shaking the bottle in which the drug is (hitting the bottle on a hard surface), so that the homeopathic remedy finds no molecule of the substance that is made.

The principle of copying a single agent
Homeopathy is a holistic method to observe symptoms and disorders as an expression of vital force and based on the totality of symptoms prescribed drug is one that covers the basic disorder of the vital force.The drug contains a message of vital force and helps her to regain herself disturbed balance.

Guidelines cure (Hering's law)
This principle was laid Constantine Hering, Hanemanov follower. Under this law, we follow the course of homeopathic treatment, moving or symptoms.

From the inside out - if the symptoms range from internal organs to the skin means that the prescribed drug is good and that the treatment takes place in the right direction.

Among the more important organs to less important - if the symptoms retreat from the heart and go to the joints, the treatment is going well.

From top to bottom - if a patient has skin problems on the face of a drug after symptoms go down to the skin around the waist to mean that the patient recovers.

Of the latest symptoms to earlier - the first retreat symptoms who have recently incurred a maximum earliest symptoms are present. So to pull in reverse order of creation.

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