Saturday, July 21, 2012

Problems with changing times

Some research suggests that problems in changing the time is now 80 percent of world population.

Official medicine can not yet say whether we have all become a bit meteoropate? Or, by shooting in different parts of the body, fatigue, insomnia, headache, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms, attributed to the change of time, only broadcast internal dissatisfaction with the job, lack of money, illness ...

Some research suggests that problems in changing the time is now 80 percent of world population. Most are meteoropate, people who suffer from diseases of time. Only a half century earlier this syndrome afflicted only 20 percent of the population, write "news".

Meteoropatija Although no official place in medicine, doctors do not diminish utucaj atmospheric conditions on health. But I can not explain why someone is or is not meteoropathy.

"We can not correct that we enter into the essence of physiology," says the "News" Dr. Nada Macura from Belgrade Institute for Emergency Medicine. "Whether and how much time parameters affecting humans depending on geographical region, age, genetics and many other factors. Among the external factors is not only temperature but also humidity, fog, smog, wind, atmospheric pressure. If a rich man , healthy and happy, it's hard to complain about time. But, if poor, sick or mentally unstable, it is understandable to him all the way. "

Doctors say that people sensitive to time will not automatically head hurt when he jumps atmospheric pressure, because it happens only when coincides with the movement of cyclones and anticyclones, and other impacts from the atmosphere.

"The change in atmospheric pressure and temperature has no significant impact on human health," says the "News" Milan Stevančević engineer, who for 35 years dealing with electromagnetic prognosis. "If any other man who comes from Zvezdara ill when he came to the center of Belgrade, because the lower atmospheric pressure. Same can happen when winter from the room where we go out at least 20 degrees to minus 10, and we are all witnesses to atmospheric pressure and temperature do not affect very much on the human body. "

Atmospheric parameters, however, affect human health, has a major role energy from the sun. Rain ions and neutrons, which makes 10 kilometers above ground level, people bring discomfort and health problems.

"The impact of solar energy on the people is very great, so astronauts have to wear 'armor,'" says Stevančević.


Many do not leave the house until they see bioprognosis, which is with us for 30 years. During this time, followed by 13 groups of chronic diseases: heart attack, asthma, heart disease, ulcers in the duodenum, mental problems, diabetes, rheumatic diseases ... It was found that the meteoric reactions occur even 48 hours before the time change.

Asthmatics and heart patients are most sensitive to weather changes.

People with diseases of the blood vessels considered the transition from warm to cold weather.

Rheumatic most annoying cold and damp.

Mental patients is very disturbing south wind.

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