Saturday, July 21, 2012

Migraine and depression

People who suffer from migraines have a greater danger of developing depression than those who do not have a problem with unbearable headaches.

These are the results of research conducted at the medical department of the University in the Netherlands. The results were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology "Neurology".


The entire study including the 2652 people who were otherwise part of a research program called Family Studies "Erasmus Rucphen." Specifically, all participants, in terms of genetics, very similar and are descendants of 22 couples who were members of the Dutch community in the period since 1850. to 1900.Of all respondents, 360 suffered from migraine - including 151 persons who suffered from aural migraines (headaches preceded by a sensation like the flashing of the eyes and the like.). An additional 209 people suffered from the most basic form of migraine. All the patients who suffered from migraine were compared with 617 other participants in the study who had previously noted that do not suffer from any type of migraine.


What are the authors of the study revealed is that even 25% of people who suffered from migraine and suffered from depression, compared with 13% of people that have suffered from depression, but had problems with headaches. The authors also state that, in terms of both types of migraine, established inheritance pattern (determined by genetics) of less than 56%. When we take into account people who suffer from headaches aural, the percentage caused by genetics is an astonishing 96%.

The authors also point out that, comparing the impact of genetics on depression in patients with migraine and those without migraine, came a discovery that suggests the existence of the same genetic factors that both disorders share, especially in the case auralnih migraine. "What our research shows there is an increased risk of developing depression and its symptoms in patients who suffer from migraines, especially those who suffer from aural migraines," said study lead author of the entire AH Stam, a doctor at the medical department of Leiden University.

The official stated that this is one of the research that may lead to progress on development of therapeutic techniques, especially in people who also suffer from migraines and depression.


What the experts also advise that a person is suffering from the above problem, if they are part of a family health history, previous mandatory inform your doctor about it.

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