Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to relieve stress?

Do you feel the daily stress? Too many things you do, you have a little time? You feel like you might explode?

It may seem impossible, but you can learn to live without stress, just listening to it. Not listening, but listening to him. Listen to what the demands put before ourselves and more importantly listen to the way they speak.

Most people do not claim any attention to the way conversations with ourselves. Are kind to others and to himself to act as captains. This is because we no one has ever pointed out the importance of conversations with ourselves, and how it affects our satisfaction and stress levels in life. Literally, you can completely eliminate stress, change the way you talk to him.

Probably like most people you've set yourself too many requests, and making demands and put pressure on their own for their achievements, which directly leads to stress.

Once again set ourselves a request, after the sentence and ask: "what if not?". This way you will see that nothing terrible will happen if you do not fill out this task. Often, the answer to that question will be only: "It would be a disaster." Why? Do not elaborate on the answer you will produce even more stress.

You'd have to out of your head completely out statements like - I have to. They replace the need-or want.

Then, if something goes according to your wishes, replace the miso - a disaster, just in - not good. For each disaster will be hard to handle, and when something is good, this can be resolved.

What if I still do not get to the bank? What if you are late 5 minutes per child? Of course this is not something you'd like, and maybe this will have consequences that will be good, but will actually produce a catastrophe that will not be able to bear?

Remember the disastrous things will not happen just because you did not do everything you want.Disasters are most likely to occur due to force majeure, and it can not affect.

Often caused by stress and the phrase "can not handle it ... it's ..". You might not like the results if things do not go according to your desire, but believe me, you can handle it.

To change the conversation to themselves, you'll need plenty of exercise. Do not expect changes to happen overnight, like magic. Every day you must pay attention to talking with you, listen to their statements, and remove "I" sentences.

But sometimes stressful situations we can not avoid, among other things, maybe we should try to avoid a situation just because they are stressful, because that way and change your personality. Therefore, we should learn to cope with stress and mitigate its effects.

* Regularly learn to relax and meditate

* Take time for leisure. Outside working hours, to do things that interest you.

Occasionally break established habits of dealing with something new.

Make a regular sleep schedule and stick to it firmly.

* Get plenty of rest.

* Exercise regularly.

* Avoid the rush.

* Do not skip meals because of the rush.

* Write about things that bother you. Ask yourself what's the worst that can happen to you? Is the problem really worth the worry.

* Avoid samosa┼żalijevanje.

* Learn to balance after a stressful event.

* Open the. Create new friendships. Try to approach other people.

* When you find yourself in a stressful situation, make a pause. Shut up and ten deep breaths and exhale.

* Do not scream, no matter how stressful the situation was to tranquilize learn.

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