Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to improve your memory?

First It has been shown that only 10% of what you read in the left brain after he reads (this is a long period of time after, of course).

Of course the percentage is very low if one takes into account the needs of more than 10% of matter to understand and comprehend ... Therefore, an attempt at new ways to pamtis new matter: svrljaj and underscores the book or sticking pieces of paper to be reminded / recalled, but what you must know (this is my function)-means any color other significance .. red the most important. yellow .. that stands for something that would say was ok but know it is not necessary for examples of green .. etc., in his mind invent some verses that rhyme with matter if the concepts in visual terms, or at least attempt to remember something that looks like to what you have to remember that .. it is much easier when the matter and make sense of context and not just dry numbers, figures or names ... But if you have to remember that name or what you say .. but imagine koracas a street with signs reading (on putokau every idea will be the name that you should be) .. so preslisavaj head walking through the street .... Write your notes rather than to learn things by heart ... Try to understand to what you must learn (no matter whether it is a stvarma which are learned at work or at college say ) ..

Second They say that coffee and chocolate help's brain .. As far as coffee .. do not know because nepijem coffee but I know that it eventually loses its effect and that those who used to have coffee to drink it in much larger quantities would you stay awake, let alone anything more

3, Something that definitely helps the glucose memory is when you already have to be inserted into blood sugar, let it be natural kinds, I suggest a banana, or grapes, although it may in fact any fruit

4th Good sleep and helps a little nervous too ..'s brain without good sleep is the minimum concentration and memory does absolutely nothing

5th I unfortunately need to pressure-remembered signs .. that we are closer to the day / hour when should I submit colloquium / seminar / exam ....
If you want to be your memory of the essence to fix all of the practices and vezbe.Svakodnevno or as often as possible, address the mozgarenjem .. games that will test your memory ... Try to think otherwise about things and concepts-to povezujes steknutim but with the knowledge that they raskomadas the pieces that are easy to chew and digest here ... There is no accurate or inaccurate answers .. it all depends on how well people remember, but remember that your memory through practice can significantly improve

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