Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to have strong bones?

While growing up is very important to form strong bones. A lot of people forget that when the old man that is very important to keep bones strong. The weakening of our bones occurs as we age which can lead to increased fractures and deformity. To prevent such complications here's how to keep bones strong ...

Make sure you have symptoms of osteoporosis. If you have back pain and frequent bone fractures, it is possible that you have osteoporosis. Be sure to visit the doctor.

Take your vitamins rich in calcium as calcium maintain bone health.

Drink lots of milk because it is rich in calcium.

Drink fewer beverages that can cause the excretion of calcium. Reduce caffeine intake as this will also help maintain bone health.

Be careful not to take too much food rich in protein (fish, meat, nuts, pistachios ...) that can cause your body excretes calcium.

Start exercising, exercise is great for bone health. Even to walk several kilometers a day will be helpful for the bones.

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