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How time affects health?

Thirties are only few knew about it, forty years later, 15 percent of the world's population has recognized the time (not) a chance as the cause of their health problems, and today's research suggests that 30 percent of the human population is meteoropathy. 'Change will take time' is the sentence which we often hear when someone feels pain in the bones. Accompany the smiles and disbelief, but there is growing evidence that fluctuations of time affects human health.

Meteoropate headaches frequently tortured

Meteoropatija Although not included in the official part of medicine, Hippocrates has emphasized that the time changes affect human health. He warned the nearly twenty-five centuries to the unpredictable whims of time in particular should keep chronically ill.

Interesting is the fact that the Republic of Dubrovnik there a regulation according to which laws are brought in during the south wind, typical 'weather' which still affects your mood and concentration of many people.


Rainy and gloomy time causes depression
Dr. Angelico Brugnoli with climatological Institute of Medicine at the Milan University meteoropathy defined as a set of symptoms and reactions that are manifested when there is a change in one or more meteorological factors. Under the meteorological factors, mean temperature and humidity, wind, pressure, rain and thunder, and the effect of ionization.

Although the most vulnerable among middle-aged people, particularly women, meteoropatija affects all age groups, from infants to the elderly. Usually 24 to 48 hours before the weather changes, above all in the susceptible people, it produces symptoms that describe meteoropathy. Typically, this depressed state, headache, dizziness, physical weakness, hypertension, increased sensitivity to pain in joints and muscles and deteriorating condition of the sick body. Also, there are erratic mood swings, irritability or all of you, you are irritable, increased heart beat.

This situation lasts for a day or two. With improving weather conditions reduce the symptoms, but returned with a new changing times. Due to the rapid rotation of meteorological conditions, the intensity of symptoms is reduced, as a kind of adaptation of the body. No matter which season it was, whether it is a warm front in the winter time or cold in the middle of summer, the symptoms are the same.


First of all, it is useful to monitor biometeoroloŇ°ke prognosis. Based on meteorological conditions, the concentration of pollen and pollutants, for the general public is organizing a coordinated team of doctors and other professionals, with the aim of protecting human health affected by these factors. Medical interpretation of weather forecasts will help everyone, particularly the facilitation of symptoms in chronic patients.
Doctors agree that it is not good to exaggerate with drugs and that they should not be relied upon without professional supervision.

Stay in the open will ease discomfort

Dr. Angelico Brugnoli, mainly referring to people who suffer from allergies, consult a timely manner, then the day before, taking antiallergic drugs and sedatives, herbal-based.

Another way of prevention is staying in well lit rooms, if necessary to remain at home. It is always better advice to stay as much in the open, much to move and enter the body enough vitamins and dress in accordance with external circumstances.
One recommendation is to avoid alcoholic beverages, which increase body heat and fluid loss.

Good will come in and use of air ionizer that produces negatively charged ions. The negative ions beneficial effect on asthma, bronchitis and allergies, high blood pressure on the psyche in general.

The increased number of suicides

Cloudy weather, rain, wind and the dull feeling that 'something strange in the air' cause suicides are more frequent during rapid changes in weather conditions. According to the medical journals, the number of suicides increases when the temperature varies, also during the changing air pressure and long-lasting fog.This is an inappropriate period, you can express meteorological terms, the day before the passage of cold fronts and two days after the passage of warm fronts.

Be careful with medications

Temperature extremes, very cold winters and hot and humid summers are becoming our everyday life.They are especially critical abrupt transitions between seasons, when the frequent occurrence of disease and mortality. The ability of the organism that regardless of external factors held constant body temperature is reduced by sudden weather changes, particularly in chronic patients and elderly people.

Although we typically during autumn this year passes, we can expect tmurnije and mistier days to be rheumatic pains, headaches become more pronounced, they irritate the airways, and a weakened immune system. Save your body healthy in time biometeoroloŇ°ke unfavorable prognosis is not to be exposed to unnecessary physical effort and delay activity for better opportunities.

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