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How diet causes a headache?

Headache is a problem faced by about 10 percent of people in the population of the western hemisphere, and nearly 30 percent of patients because of the problems addressed to a general practitioner. Believe it or not, some researches have shown that most of the headache is actually caused by the ingredients in the food we consume every day.

Unpleasant, tedious, sometimes excruciating pain ... almost no one who has not experienced these problems at least once in their lifetime. It is proven that the headaches and the only main symptom of more than 45 diseases. It is also known to be highly diverse in terms of forms of expression, it is always a symptom of an imbalance in the body.
Thus, the headache should not be viewed as a disease, but mainly as a symptom of another disease or, even, intoxication of the organism. Among the most common causes of stress include headaches, dehydration, flu or other viral infections, sinusitis, excessive consumption of alcohol (hangover), hormonal changes, problems with the cervical spine part, shrinkage or expansion of blood vessels that can cause migraines, various external factors ( noise, smoky room), high blood pressure, and very seldom is about serious illness (brain tumor, stroke).

Headache from food
Believe it or not, some researches have shown that most of the headache is actually caused by the ingredients in the food we consume every day. Many years, even decades suffered constant headaches, not even thinking that the food is just the greatest ally of their problem. This is particularly notable in people who suffer from migraines.
Whether and how often will be forced to confront this problem, certainly depends on genetic predisposition. What are genetically more prone to headaches, the better the chances are some factors trigger. However, certain adjustments in diet and lifestyle may be critical to preventing and reducing headaches.

How diet causes a headache?
Many foods that almost daily into our body contain a variety of artificial additives and chemicals, especially tyramine and nitrite - which directly affect the brain, leading to changes in the nerves and blood vessels, which culminates with a headache. In some cases, food stimulates constriction of blood vessels, disrupting blood flow and creating a transient neurological symptoms - such as, for example, interference with vision. On the other hand, if food is to encourage the expansion of blood vessels outside the brain as a result of these phenomena will result pains.
Foods that are strongly suspect, that most often can cause this condition include chocolate, mature cheese, bacon, red wine, sausages and other meat products. But it certainly could be any other food that causes some kind of allergy, depending on individual sensitivity.
The most notorious causes of headaches, which can make a real distraction in the brain, are amines. The best-known amine, which is associated with headache is tyramine, a common food ingredient. It can be found in alcoholic beverages, especially red wine, dairy products, some meats and fish (smoked meat, meat products), with the leaven of the products, sauerkraut.
In addition to nitrites and tyramine, and the artificial sweetener aspartame, an ingredient of many foods, specifying "no sugar" (soft drinks, chewing gum), a dangerous challenger headache, especially in people who suffer from migraines.

10 natural tips for preventing and treating headaches
Just as certain foods can cause headaches, just as certain foods and herbs have the power to stop or prevent this process. Most people immediately reach for the pain medication, although there are a variety of natural resources to mitigate these problems.
First Eliminate from your diet "provoking" foods: red wine, champagne, hard cheese, cream, salami, sausages and other meat products, chocolate, peanuts, industrial juices, chewing gum.
Second Note the coffee! The influence of caffeine can be controversial: can cause headaches and make it easier. Scientists have found that coffee has the ability to narrow blood vessels and thus temporarily remove the headache, but when the effect of caffeine pass, blood vessels become wider than before, thus causing even greater pain.
Third Drink plenty of water! Many patients who have long fought unsuccessfully against the headache medication, eventually discovered that the main cause of their problem lies in the chronic dehydration, which is insufficient fluid intake. So, if you suffer from headaches, try the simple "cure" - drink at least a liter of water per day.
4th Eat bananas, potatoes in shell, soy, oranges, tomatoes - these foods are extremely rich in potassium, and proved that it is the lack of this mineral can be one of the causes of headaches.
5th Clean the body of toxins - intoxication of the organism belongs to one of the challengers to the more frequent headaches. There are many ways that can contribute to the process of cleansing the body, and some of them are occasionally "starvation" - on the fresh fruits and teas, then colon cleansing enema or hydrocolon therapy by introducing grains, seeds (flax, sesame, pumpkin) and raw vegetables and fruits in the diet, liver cleansing daily consumption of olive oil and flaxseed oil with food.
6th Drink ginger tea - this folk medicine can be effective in treating headaches and as an analgesic, but he did not show any adverse effects. To eliminate the headaches should drink every three hours by half a teaspoon of ginger powder, dissolved in two ounces of water until the pain stops. This drug may also be used daily to prevent, in patients prone to frequent headaches.
7th Drink tea - this therapy is especially effective in headaches caused by tension and stress. In this case, the most effective teas valerian, lemon balm, peppermint, chamomile and rosemary.
8th Use coverings - alternately placing hot and cold compresses on the forehead and back of the neck may be helpful in mild headache. Also worth a try, and the application of an old folk remedy in the form of coating raw potatoes, which are placed on the forehead.
9th Apply aromatherapy - essential oils of various herbs that relieve pain and tension, and also to help with the headaches caused zapušenošću nose or sinuses. If the headaches caused by tension, rub on my temples and back of the neck two drops of lavender oil or ga, however, apply to a tissue and inhale deeply three times. Inhalation of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil is most effective for headaches caused by congested nose and sinuses.
10th Ventilated area where you stay, especially during the heating season, and try to spend every day at least a half hour-hour in the fresh air.

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