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Problems caused by heat are common in the hot summer months .. These problems can affect anyone and yet most vulnerable children and the elderly and those suffering from chronic heart, respiratory, and the like. oboljenja.Isto so can cause permanent damage and death. It is therefore very important to be familiar with their causes and ways of prevention and treatment.

Do problems caused by heat occurs when your body is no longer able to maintain normal body temperature. It is known that the human body regulates temperature by sweating, but in the case of prolonged and intense exposure to heat and high temperatures, it is sometimes not enough. There are a number of additional factors that affect the heat of the cooling ability of the body at extremely high temperatures. For example, very moist air slows the evaporation of sweat from the skin, which in turn prevents the rapid release of heat from the body. Other factors that may limit your ability to regulate body heat as age, obesity, dehydration, use of drugs, alcohol, poor circulation, etc..

Heat stroke is the most serious of all the problems caused by heat. It occurs after long and intense exposure to high temperatures, when the body can not regulate body temperature and can not be cool. In such cases the body temperature can rise rapidly and at intervals of 10 to 15 minutes and reach over 41 ° C. Heat stroke can occur suddenly without prior symptoms of heat exhaustion. It is necessary to provide emergency medical assistance, because it can cause permanent disability or death. Symptoms of heat stroke are very high fever (above 40 ° C), red, dry and hot skin, no perspiration, extremely rapid heart rate (160-180 beats per minute), dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, confusion , delirium or loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, until the cramps and blood in urine or stool.

How to help patients?

In the case of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, the first and most important step is to call as soon as a doctor! Heat exhaustion usually is treated with compensation for lost fluids and salts. Move the patient to a cooler room and place it in a supine position with legs slightly elevated. Give the patient cold drinks that contain salt, such as tap water with added salt, some sports drinks or juice from the tomatoes. If you can not take it seriously and does not undertake these steps, heat exhaustion can easily turn into heat stroke.

Heat stroke can cause permanent brain damage or even death if the patient does not help at times. All persons affected by heat stroke need immediate medical intervention, so call your doctor first. Waiting for the doctors, patients move into the shade or cool, preferably air-conditioned space and instant access to a rapid lowering of body temperature. This can be accomplished in various ways, for example by dipping the sick in the bath with cold water, cold shower or washing the body with cold water using a sponge. At the groin, neck, armpits or you can put the bag with ice. If you have a thermometer handy, ill follow the body temperature and stop cooling when body temperature reaches normal.

Some victims of heat stroke can occur and uncontrolled muscle twitching. In such cases it is possible to prevent self-harm patients, but avoid putting things in their mouths or giving fluids. If there is nausea and vomiting, place the patient in lateral position to open airway and prevent suffocation.

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