Saturday, July 21, 2012

Energy drinks are a potential danger for the heart

Do not overdo it with energy drinks
Energy drinks are under-studied and over-used, and can be dangerous for children and adolescents, warn doctors in the American journal Pediatrics, and argue that children should not use this popular product.

The risks of taking energy drinks, largely due to the presence of too much caffeine and related compounds, including heart palpitations, heart attack, stroke and even sudden death, according to an article written by a group of pediatricians.

During the study, they used data obtained from the State and interest groups, then the scientific literature, the testimony of those who have taken energy drinks and newspaper articles.

Dakota Sailor, high school student from the U.S. state of Missouri, said he spent five days in hospital after a heart attack which was received after she drank two large energy drinks, one of which was first tried in my life.

According to the Sailor (18), whose word carries Pediatrics, her doctors believe that the heart attack caused caffeine or caffeine-like ingredients.

The article states that some cans of energy drinks contain four to five times more caffeine than soda, and Sailor said some of her friends from school to drink these drinks, "four to five times a day."

The authors are asking pediatricians to regularly ask patients and their parents to energy drinks and recommended that they do not. According to them, the ingredients of energy drinks should be as strictly controlled as tobacco, alcohol and drugs that are dispensed on prescription.

"For children, adolescents, young adults but not in the safe limits of consumption," says the article.

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