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If you are from time to time suddenly dizzy, my temples start pulsating, head to ache and the body stops to listen, be sure to visit the doctor.

Until we know the exact diagnosis, do not immediately think of the worst possible scenario and the possibility to have a brain tumor, eye disease, or an ear infection.

Most often these are benign causes, above all, immediately turn off the disorder in the ears, because such diseases include, and hearing impairment.

Psychosomatic causes
Women who have vertigo without any apparent reason, usually a reaction to some event that frightens them. It can be moving, new job, a loved one's disease, childbirth ... As stiffened neck muscles, and so is our "I" and paralyze performance high emotional blockage.

To clarify, these are situations when good physical condition, but the psyche is not in a position to face the new situation. This type of vertigo is an appeal for assistance to ill person.

Diet - the cause of dizziness
If you belong to people who are perpetually on a diet, should not be surprised if you suddenly start to stagger because of dizziness caused by anemia.

That you would not have happened, every diet must contain a good scale iron-rich foods, which in large quantities in a liver, red and white meats, egg yolks and mussels. Iron, which is located in the spinach, beans and lentils body absorbs far worse, says "Hello".

Stiff neck
Perfect teamwork front and rear neck muscles helps to relieve the head, which gives it lightness and flexibility. But if the front muscles are weak, the back muscles to contract and thereby "prignječe" seven vertebrae, which thus lose their function.

Technical term is said to be affected vertebrae progressively reduced range of motion, only limited movement of the bending and rotation. The more blocked vertebrae, is stronger arthritis cervical vertebrae.

Anemia and dizziness
A significant blood loss due to heavy menstrual opens the door chronic anemia. In this case, are accompanied by fatigue, dizziness, weakness and fainting.

Before you resort to other iron supplements, it is necessary to find the cause of the problem. Often these are hormonal imbalance, fibromas or polyps in the uterus.

Mikropokreti head causing dizziness, which need to be completely calm and wait for the dizziness to pass.Then you need to relax the muscles of the spine. To keep warm you will reach the affected sites (enough scarf around the neck) and spreadable fat for muscle relaxation.

Physiotherapy is the best pain reliever without side effects with drugs. Physiotherapist to orthopedic guidelines for massage and pleasurable movements performed in order to relax tense muscles.

Osteopaths or chiropractor?
For removal of dizziness are the most important treatments for osteoporosis, or chiropractors. These are two similar occupations, which generally cause confusion. Chiropractor is a specialist in spinal vertebrae, which returns to the place of therapy, while osteopaths specializing in soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

So if you have problems with stiffness, contact your chiropractor, if you tense muscles, consult osteopaths.

Nauseating dizziness
What they have in common dizziness and musculoskeletal disorders? Just to remember to pass through the cervical vertebra small arteries, reaching the back of the brain (cerebellum), and then in large, where the center of balance. Women who suffer from spinal cord of the arteries constrict and the resulting unpleasant "splash" in parts of the brain that are related.

Reduced blood flow to the center sends a pulse of balance and dizziness, which then begins to be subjective (when patients have the feeling that floats) or objective (when a person is at rest and it all starts spinning). This experience is usually manifested after a severe head movement.

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