Sunday, July 22, 2012

Determine the health status of the color of urine

The color and condition of the urine is often a good indicator of what happens to the inside of your body.
Surely, all of us at least once given a plastic cup to give a urine sample for review. Condition and color of urine is often the index of your health.

Here's what to look for:

Transparent or light yellow urine indicates that the body is healthy. Transparent urine is even better because it shows that you are drinking plenty of water (which regulates all the organs, their temperature and nutrient transport through the body). If you do not drink the water may suffer from headaches, dizziness, sleepiness or irritability.

White or cloudy urine mean a large concentration of white blood cells that fight off infection and probably have a urinary tract infection. If you have a need for frequent urination, painful urination, burning during urination must go to the doctor.

Dark yellow urine. If you see this color on the first morning urination, do not worry. These colors are accumulated overnight. If such a color you see regularly, you begin to drink plenty of water immediately.Dark yellow urine indicates that you are dehydrated.

Orange color of urine may be due to laxatives, but if you have not taken the search to make the existence of blood in the urine is not a good thing, and shows the presence of stones, bladder cancer, kidney disease or cancer.

Red urine can occur if you ate blueberries and other fruits such paint. If you have not consumed food such paint then to the blood and immediately contact your doctor.

Brown urine is an indicator of a serious condition, and is probably caused by kidney and liver.

Green or blue color is created from colored food or medicines. Urine pale green color indicates an excess of B vitamins in the body.

Normal urine has a faint but distinctive odor (somewhat acidic). Unusually smelly urine is a sign of urinary infection or dehydration. Sweet smell is a symptom of diabetes.

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