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Dementia is a mental state characterized by low powers of logical deduction and reasoning, memory deterioration, as well as many other mental abilities - cognitive functions primarily.

Entire worsening, and the consequences that it entails, the progressive character, which, as time goes on, only to deterioration of all negatively affect a person's ability to perform even the most basic and simplest of daily tasks: going to the supply, driving a car, and activities such as dressing, bathing, even eating.

Known and important facts:

Dementia usually affects people over the years, especially in those suffering from "autumn" of their lives.It used to be called dementia and normal companion thought of age.

Now, however, know that dementia is not a normal stage of aging, but may be due to the presence of many medical conditions, diseases, some of which may suffer as the elderly and the younger ones.

When it comes to individual cases, it is possible dementia and a progressive course of its reverse, and so is the cure, but with the help of adequate medical therapy. Unfortunately, for many people it is impossible to eliminate the course of the disease. As time passes, the person who suffers from dementia, it becomes more burdensome and more difficult it is filed.

For example, when it comes to the territory of the United States, even 4-5 million people suffer from some form of dementia. According to estimates by scientists and experts in the next few decades is expected to increase this number.

Under the influence of dementia annually to fall 1% of those aged between 60 and 64 and even 30% to 50% of people over 85 years.

Dementia is a leading reason why older people are treated in nursing homes and similar institutions.


Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia that occurs due to aging - causing many problems on persons who suffer from them, and their families. Most of the problems actually occur due to memory loss. The most common symptoms include the following:

* Memory loss and inability to remember events and even the information that the person recently heard or participated in them
* Difficulty with the activities and actions that were known before demecije
* Problems with language and expression
* Temporal and spatial deziorijentisanost
* Inadequate and poor judgment
* Difficulties with thinking at higher levels (often people with dementia and may even forget what the abstract concepts like numbers, and in general are so used)
* Ill people tend to play down or place objects on top of things and the wrong place (the iron in the freezer, etc.).
* Sudden changes in ll-
* Personality changes
* Loss of buoyancy and desire for anything.

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