Friday, July 27, 2012

Causes of obesity

Do weight gain occurs due to imbalances between the (food) entered and energy consumption. In other words, there is a positive difference when you subtract the calories calories expended on physical and mental activity.

Consumption of calories is done at different speeds, which is depending on the metabolism of each individual. So each successfully maintain your ideal weight without restricting meals and excessive physical activity, while the second and almost running out of water and get fat. Existence of such differences among people contributes to several factors, and we will use this opportunity to enumerate some of them.

It is natural that as you get older there is a slowing of metabolism and the body needs fewer calories. In particular, the period immediately after the cessation of growth, when the calories consumed just in the development of the organism become redundant, is critical for weight gain. Brings the same amount of food and physical activity is the same, and it becomes thicker. Metabolism slows down by increasing the number of years.

Gender is another important factor. Metabolism is faster in men than with women, so they need more calories. Not only do women need fewer calories than the speed of their metabolism drops sharply when they come to a climax stage. This is partly the cause of why women are starting in this period to fatten rapidly.

Physically active individuals require more calories, ie. more they spend. If you are the athletic type, walk more. Go to friends for coffee and tell it that you personally before you send it to email. Do not use the lift. Get off the station before.

Avoid high-fat foods. Eat to satisfy your hunger while you enjoy the taste, but be sure to stop in time. The food never look like the enemy no. First Food is not a problem, it is the solution. Find the right.

Some medications can also increase your appetite and slow metabolism. These are some of the medications, tranquilizers, almost all related to the treatment of hormonal disorders. Birth control pills also. So use a condom - in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy and the pill mentioned, unlike them, not fattening, and are protected from diseases and viruses that are sexually transmitted, particularly stress the HIV virus.

The hereditary factor
Inheritance is associated with both obesity and thinness of the way that the metabolism inherited from the mother. If the mother (as well as adult women) are obese, the chances that her child are to be 75%. The same goes for the skinny.

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