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Aloe vera is a miracle plant

Aloe in recorded history, was first mentioned about 1500 BC, records dating from the time referred to one of these versatile "miraculous billjku" which is today in the Western world known as Aloe Vera.

ALOE VERA through the ages:

The pharaohs believed in the power of this herb as an elixir for long life.

From ancient times on vases from Egypt is a good view drawings showing the plant.

Hippocrates wrote about this plant to treat the tumor, stimulates hair growth and treat dysentery.

Paracelsus: Golden drops of aloe cure blood poisoning and burns.

Chief surgeon of Napoleon's violation of this plant treated the wounded.

For Indians, this plant is among the 16 most respected sacred plants. Jivaro billjku they called this "heavenly remedy." Nalma Indians used it for various injuries and wounds, snake bites, headaches.

Maya girls face smeared aloe juice to make them look more beautiful

For the Chinese emperor, the thorns of this plant was a "nail God's kingdom." Chinese doctors have used for akunpukturu thorns.

The Japanese called this plant "royal herb". The samurai body smeared aloe prior to each calculation.

Aloe vera contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, 16 enzymes, 18 amino acids,
and lignin, saponins, plant sterols, tumor necrosis factor and so on.
-Aloe vera is one of the best natural immune biostimulants.
-It is one of the best detoksikatore body, and reduces susceptibility to allergies.
-Preventive be taken to raise and preserve immunity
-Upon opening the bottle is kept in fržideru.Preventivno 0.5 dl is taken daily before meals. Diseases is recommended 1.5 dl or more


Another name: Aloe Latin name: Aloe Barbadensis Miller

Since ancient times was known as the elixir of longevity. Because of its exceptional nutritional value and medicinal properties, known as the "Queen of herbs." The world is better known as Aloe vera Barbadensis Miller. It was named after the botanist Miller, who had discovered the carcass Barbados and included in the register of medicinal herbs. Rec Aloe comes from the Latin form of Arabic called "Aloeh" Syrian "Alwa" or Hebrew "Halal", whose meaning is "an extremely bitter substance," which indicates an extremely bitter yellow liquid, milk or juice, which contains a plant is just beneath the thin crust or kožastog tissue. The commercial name of Aloe Vera is the Latin origin and means "true Aloe". Yellow "healing" juice were used for this purpose even in the 4 th century BC Aloe is a plant nutrient for every cell in the body. When the cell is healthy, then the resistant and able to perform all the functions that the nature has given. The plant was developed for the survival of rich content of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals to ensure its survival in the poor conditions of existence. Alone is curative in AV components that have different and specific energy values. Aloe is a plant that belongs to the lily family and is known the world over 250 species of which only 4 have a curative effect, and the largest Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller). By cutting their leaves and squeezes the juice is pressed to stabilize the papaya, is a nutritious and curative effect of giving more than 200 active ingredients Aloe needed for everyday functioning of every cell .. Grows only in areas with hot and dry climate (the best conditions are where the average annual temperature above 22 ° C for example. Caribbean, Mexico). Since the plants are mostly used its gel, gelatinous mass that is located inside the leaf. Aloe Barbadensis Miller has a saber, pointed leaves with serrated edges that resemble the shape of a rose growing in the country. From the middle of growing roses flower stem that ends in the form of yellow or reddish flowers cevolikog. Aloe belongs to the lily family, a flower it somewhat resembles the eastern lily flower. ,

Content Scientists have found that Aloe vera gel contains over 240 nutritional and medicinal ingredients and among them: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E and folic acid;

MINERALS: (over 20) include magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, calcium, potassium and iron. ...

Mucopolysaccharides: immuno-modulators (help with AIDS, cancer, immune disorders), antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral activity. Amino acids: (required for the synthesis of protein) - human body are necessary 22 amino acids that are essential for building proteins. Aloe Vera gel provides 20 of these amino acids. What is more important is that this gel provides eight of the eight essential amionokiselina that can not be produced in organmizmu and which therefore must be taken with food.;

ENZYMES (16 enzymes) from the group of protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase (digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and fiber)

ANTRAKININE The most important among them are aloin and emodin, but all together are powerful analgesics, and acknowledged they possess antibacterial and bactericidal properties. In pure form, they are powerful laxatives., Lignin This woody substance that allows Aloi Vera penetrates deep into the skin., Saponins These are foamy (soapy) substances that exhibit antimicrobial effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts such as Candida, Sterols The three main among them acting as a potent anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) agents. ....

Aloe Vera is immunostimulant (stronger overall resistance, prevention of diseases - cancer, aids, psoriasis, collagenosis), Detosikans (from toxins, alcohol, drugs), Antioxidant (free radical), antiviral (herpes, etc.), bactericidal (kills bacteria) , fungicide (fungus - Candida, etc..), antiphlogistic (inflammation of the system), Analgeticno (reduces pain), Astringent (tightens the skin and mucous membranes), purgative (regulating seat), stimulant (regulating the status of the psyche) and antidiabetic (reduced blood sugar). Use

If the gel of Aloe vera drinks as a beverage (oral use), a charitable act on many body functions:

- Strengthens the immune system

- Reduces inflammation

- Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, spores and larvae

- Detoxify the body

- Stimulates metabolism and action of all organs: liver, gallbladder, kidney, heart, nervous and digestive system, skin, eyes ...

- Help with quitting smoking, alcohol and drugs.

- For local use in the form of creams, sprays and drops an ideal tool for: skin care, allergies, healing wounds and burns, bleeding from wounds, pains in joints and muscles-ma, to care for teeth and oral cavity (inflammation of the gums, periodontal disease, ulcers), eye care and diseases (conjunctivitis, cataracts ...), acne, seborrhea, dandruff ...

The effect

Stimulates digestion and neutralizes stomach acid increased, balances the effects of gastrointestinal simbioticnih bacteria, fungi decreases, pH normalizes stools, helps with irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, diarrhea, and closure. Penetrates through the walls of the digestive tract, flushes out harmful bacteria and clean the villi of the deposits. In this way, reduces inflammation and increases the absorption of nutrients.

Liver and gallbladder - Improves liver function, detoxify and regenerate. It is recommended as a complementary therapy in gall disease, cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis and fatty liver.

DIABETES MELLITUS - regulates and lowers blood sugar, reducing sugar fluctuations (especially important in patients on insulin).

Heart and blood vessels - Jaca heart muscle. Lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure and reduces the frequency of attacks of angina pectoris.

Diseases of the immune system (tumors, cancer, AIDS) - Aloe vera contains factors that destroy tumors (alpha factor, blocking blood flow to the growing tumor, acemanan ...). Stimulates the immune system. As a complementary therapy, reduces the harmful side effects chemo and radio therapy.

ALLERGIC DISEASE AND ASTHMA - Relieves symptoms of asthma and allergies.

Urinary tract and prostate - Relieves acute and chronic inflammation, and act on the bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics (eg, Escherichia Colli).

RESPIRATORY ORGANS - Helps with acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract (sinusitis, throat, vocal cords, lungs, etc..).

Joint pain, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis - Reduces inflammation, redness, pain and swelling in joints and muscles. It works with a twist, nategnuca and inflammation of tendons, bruises ... Helps with neuralgia, sciatica and headaches. In combination with organic compounds is acting calcium in osteoporosis.

EYE DISEASES - in the form of eye drops are being successfully used for inflammation of the lining of Ophthalmology (pink eye), cataract, trachoma, glaucoma, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), herpes simplex ...

SKIN CARE AND SKIN DISEASES - Extremely moisturizing to the skin as it penetrates the deepest dermal layers, pomladuje skin since it increases the appearance of fibroblasts 8x faster than normal and thus speeds up the healing of wounds. Excellent for dry, sensitive and damaged skin, softens and removes age spots on hands. Oral administration in the form of drinks and local in the form of cream is effective in psoriasis. ...

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