Saturday, June 30, 2012

To preserve the health of your eyes?

We provide the most compelling eyes contact with the environment. For man is the most valuable kind, and his sense of loss or damage significantly limits the quality of life, so we have to protect our eyes.

How about looks and how does it work?
The human eye is a very special organ. Its functional part of the eye lens, which allows the light rays that pass through the cornea properly fall on the retina. These changes affect the structure of the retina and further stimulus is transmitted to the brain. If the optical apparatus of the eye well and functions properly, the rays of light break exactly on the retina, resulting in a sharp image of the case. However, if the optical device is not functioning properly, the rays of light breaking in front of or behind the retina.The result is blurred vision and Neostar. For the correction of refractive errors apply to prescription glasses, contact lenses or surgery.

Eye lens is highly sensitive and has an unusual structure. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that unlike other parts of the body does not contain blood vessels that supplied the nutrients. Because it has very limited capacity for regeneration. Unlike other parts of the body, which quickly removes damaged cells and undesirable molecules, eye lens has this ability only among young people. The age is very sensitive to a variety of adverse effects, and this could lead to its damage.

What threatens our very eyes?
Through the eyes of various negative phenomena threatening. Some impacts can be reduced, and the other does not. Among the greatest enemies of vision include:
UV radiation - simply have to protect eyes from UV filter glasses. Constant exposure to sunlight will not only cause wrinkles, but UV rays can permanently damage the eye lens and retina.
Poor quality food - Food that does not contain enough antioxidants necessary for the regulation of free radicals.
Excessive eye strain - Reading in low light or inadequate, prolonged TV watching or prolonged computer work.
Air pollution - air pollution such as smog, cigarette smoke or industrial air pollution contains substances that are the source of free particles. They affect not only the health of the eyes, but the health of the whole organism.

Can diet affect the health of our eyes?
Scientific studies show that an important role in eye health can have a proper and balanced intake of certain vitamins, minerals and kerotenoida. They must be entered in the feed, because I have them the body is unable to "produce". A useful source can also be a multivitamin with minerals. Vitamins are necessary for good vision, and to help preserve the health of our eyes from childhood to adulthood.

Certain vitamins, minerals and kerotenoidi protect your eyes so that:

* Maintain the function of the optic nerve
* Reduces the risk of night blindness
* "They fight" against free radicals and thus protect the eyes from oxidative damage

How to keep your eyes healthy?
Healthy eyes are not just "a gift of fate." To a large extent, their condition is in our hands.
Keeping an eye health greatly contributes to eating a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, dietary supplements that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and to protect the eyes from the sun. Because even when the sun is less strength it is advisable to wear sunglasses.

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