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How to cure hyperactivity in a natural way?

Statistics show that nearly one in ten children in the Western world hyperactive.
Hyperactivity is a chronic problem that in 50% of people continues into adulthood.

Hyperactivity is a condition where a person is abnormally active.

Hyperactive children have a constant need for movement. Find it difficult to sit still and quietly carry out their activities. Keep saying it is impossible to stop. They are very impatient - I can not wait.

Together with hyperactivity often have attention deficit disorder. This problem is called ADHD - hyperactivity and attention deficit.

Children who have attention deficit disorder does not listen when they are speaking, I can not concentrate, they quickly become bored, they can be organized. Such children often have learning problems and poor grades in school.

Hyperactive people usually can not follow the rules and regulations, it is difficult to fit into and become a problem for society. Therefore, it medicine is trying to "calm down".

The conventional "treat" hyperactivity

There is no accurate way to diagnose ADHD. Diagnosis is based on interviews with parents and observation of child behavior at school.

Child's behavior will be compared with the behavior of his peers, on the basis of which determines whether a child is hyperactive, or not. After that appropriate therapy is recommended.

Unfortunately, in the absence of precise methods of diagnosis of ADHD, has a lot of room for error.

The most common medications that are recommended for ADHD are stimulants. But their effect on the hyperactivity is not tested. It is still not completely clear how much they actually help people with ADHD.

In addition, these drugs have a range of side effects such as anxiety, razdraživosti, abdominal pain, headache, loss of appetite.

Known cure for hyperactivity, Ritalin (methylphenidate), can cause addiction, insomnia, arrhythmia, heart attack and stroke. Ritalin is associated with the death of hundreds of children in the world.

Therefore, the time is right to address a natural solution to this problem.

What does alternative medicine

Many alternative doctors believe that the hyperactivity of a fictional disease. More on how you can review the program "A side effect of death."
Abnormal behavior in children can cause:
toxins and heavy metals in food and environment
unbalanced diet
allergies to mold
emotional stress
physical or psychological abuse

Lately there are more and more evidence that poor nutrition and toxins can cause hyperactive behavior.

Dr. Ben Feingold with the Kaiser Permanent Medical Center claims that toxins in food - for example, additives - can cause a reaction similar to the hyperactivity.

According to dr. Feingold, the first step in treating hyperactive children is to eliminate foods that contain dyes, flavorings, preservatives and other additives.

An unhealthy diet, containing lots of candy, soft drinks and snacks, is also top the list of possible causes hyperactivity in children.

When the child consumed sweets and fizzy drinks, especially on an empty stomach, blood sugar levels dramatically increase. During the period of increased blood sugar, the child is in shock and Biochemistry.

Such a sudden increase and then decrease in blood sugar can cause hyperactivity, and difficulty of the child concentration and learning.

Recently it was observed that many hyperactive children have allergies to mold. After the elimination of mold from food and housing, children are better behaved and more quickly learned.

Deodorants, hairsprays, cleansers and other common products used in household, contain toxins and heavy metals, which in children can cause allergy symptoms and unnatural behavior.

Try to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from your home, using organic cleaning products and natural cosmetics.

Use fresh ingredients, preferably from a local or organic farming. Avoid foods that may contain pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.

The importance of omega 3 fatty acids

Lately, more and more talk about the importance of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 works on a wide range of diseases, and also showed excellent results in treating ADHD.

Daily dose of omega 3 fatty acids affects hyperactivity better than Ritalin - the controversial drug for ADHD that is associated with the death of children in England and the U.S. - Daily Mail UK.

In studies, 30-40% of hyperactive children showed significant improvement after 15 weeks, and 40-50% - after 30 weeks of omega 3 fatty acids.
Istraživatelji then compare the results and confirm that omega-3 fatty acids give better results than Ritalin and Concerta.

The best natural source of omega 3 fatty acids is flaxseed oil, that it contains twice as much fish oil. The recommended intake of flaxseed oil is 1000 mg (1 tablespoon) per 50 kg body weight.

Daily dose of flaxseed oil for children:
infants (10 to 15 kg) - 1/4 - 1/2 tsp
children (15 to 25 kg) - 1 teaspoon
children (from 25 kg to 35 kg) - 2 tsp
children (35 to 50 kg) - 1 tablespoon
children (over 50 kg) - 2 tablespoons

Hyperactivity is not a disease but a disorder that reflects the state of our diet, relationships and environment. This disorder can be cured naturally, without risking life and health of your child for drugs like Ritalin.

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