Saturday, June 30, 2012

Granny prescription painkillers

Variable time affects the joints and pain in the sinuses. Problem with sinuses often extend to the ears, so many of spring is one of the worst seasons. Here are some solutions from grandma's kitchen, alternative medicine and medical advice.

Pain in joints
Grandma's recipe: cool the body. Soak a cloth in the solution (three parts water and one part vinegar) and rub the body, which should not delete the towel but to let the solution dry. This treatment reduces fever and relieves pain in joints.
Alternative Medicine: Indian tea. Should be mixed 30 g of yarrow, 20 g and 10 g Damian willow bark. One teaspoon of this mixture pour one cup of boiling water and strain after five minutes.
Medical advice: paracetamol, acetisalna acid.

Grandma's recipe: the lining of the arch. Chop one or two onions, wrapped in a handkerchief and put your ear. Umotati scarf and put on a hat.
Alternative Medicine: Chamomile rinse. In 250 ml of boiling water poured three tablespoons of chamomile. Strain and pour into the ear pipette. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then carefully wipe the ear.
Medical advice: nose drops and heat.

Grandma's recipe: chewing beeswax. In acute inflammation, six times a day for 20 minutes to chew an inch long piece of real wax. In no case do not use paraffin wax.
Alternative Medicine: cinnabar. Tablets or drops taken three or four times a day.
Medical advice: oil capsules. Capsules with essential oils (for example Glomyrtol) dissolve in the stomach so that the beneficial substances act in the long run.

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