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Gluten free diet

Many were found to be suffering from diabetes, and only later realized that diabetes is a result of undetected celiac disease. This topic of "life plus" says nutritionist Jasmina Stojanovic-Ristivojević.

When Novak Djokovic began a historic series victory, all the world's media began to write about the secret of his superiority and incredible energy that is expressed on the ground. So it came to the conclusion that the changed diet, gave up pizza, pasta and bread, and wheat, barley and rye, all on the advice of nutritionists Igor Četojević.

However, meanwhile boasted that he discovered a great gluten-free pizza. Seeing that after exhausting matches Nole looks fresh, many "ordinary mortals" are, especially in Britain, began to apply the gluten-free diet.

It is interesting that recently researchers in Boston found that most children who suffer from celiac disease or who are intolerant to gluten, born during the spring and summer months. As a reminder, Novak was born in May. And what means gluten free diet and how it is that Novak last month of shooting power, for "life plus" says nutritionist Jasmina Stojanovic-Ristivojević.

- Anyone who change diet, when, say, switch to a vegetarian or macrobiotic, you get a lot more power, because the body changes the metabolism and digestion of food. The first change is seen after only seven days - ten is cleaner, easier to get up in the morning, have more energy and power ... Change the last few years, and if you hit someone eats what he really feels that this brings all the nutrients, then it to last a lifetime. Some people are bothered by the flour during welding, but there are those who have celiac disease, we are talking about when someone bothers protein from grains, because there is no enzyme to digest these proteins. For anyone who has this problem only cure him of the diet without protein, or gluten free diet.

Is it a disease or condition?

- Disease. Increasingly, it is shown that undiagnosed celiac disease can lead to infertility, diabetes ... One girl was therefore blinded, but when her off gluten from the diet, her vision returned to 80 percent.However, the problem is that we do not know exactly how many patients there.

What factors influence whether someone will become ill?
- Someone is still a baby trigger the introduction of mixed feeding, and someone in late life, it can be a stressful situation. So, in itself have a predisposition, the only question is at what point the trigger that will start operating. So now the children to a year in food does not introduce foods that contain gluten.

Holiday season begins. It is probably difficult to implement the gluten-free diet, because wherever you go, you carry from home to certain foods?
- It is hard, but it must also, because they have preservatives in it hidden gluten. With us in any restaurant you can eat foods that are one hundred percent gluten-free, because it is enough that the food is prepared in the same dishes in which food is prepared and which has gluten, so that those who are sensitive to gluten create a problem. So should be fed exclusively at home, store food in their courts, even have a warehouse to store food. For example, even when the wheat and buckwheat closed in different boxes, and a separate ground buckwheat mill, if they are stored in the same room, in buckwheat will be traces of gluten. For this reason, foods you should not buy in health food stores in bulk. Safe only if they are packaged. The biggest problem is the hidden gluten because we do not know where to find it.

What, then, is the safest?
- Fruits, vegetables and fresh meat. And here is a gluten-free products, but they are very expensive, so to be safe you need to store food at home. Allowed to drink naturally squeezed juices, water, natural teas ...Here is the biggest problem in the declaration, because it is not clear enough. For example, just write "starch," but it does not say whether he is from wheat, potatoes, barley ...

How do people find out that they objected gluten?

- In the world there is a test that you can buy in a pharmacy and check yourself and realize the direction in which to perform further testing. With us it does, but you have to wait to celiac disease arises in the worst shape. Harder to detect in adults. Many were found to be suffering from diabetes, and only later realized that diabetes is actually a consequence of undetected celiac disease. Some studies have shown the world why the percentage of infertility - both men and women were diagnosed celiac disease. With us you can go to food intolerance test, electromagnetic. For some people it hits 100 percent, and some even 5 percent of the foods that suit him. Once my friend, the test showed that citrus bother him, who shoot down power and because of them losing koncentrciju. Since they were excluded from the diet, was given power. I know, too, in case of a woman discovered that she resents tomatoes. Since peradajz and threw all the products in which it has, she is much more power.

Some people do not need the test because they instinctively feel what is not before ...
- It's true, but they are small and the parents are to blame ily who insist on some foodstuff. Some research suggests that child's body until the third year produces enzymes for digestion and by then the child should try all foods except those that have additives and preservatives, for damaging enzymes. It is believed that after three years to balance the metabolic process and then the child should be given a variety of foods, and listen to what he wants to eat and what not. But his habits of parents and children the desire of food.To 3 The give them everything they eat themselves, although should not eat spicy foods because they have to gain a sense of taste.

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