Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ambrose is extremely dangerous

Ragweed pollen, which were detected as many as 52 compounds that are allergic, including six in particular, cause allergies in ten percent of the people.

In fact, ragweed is a European plant, but in one of the ships made ​​overseas on our continent in the 19thcentury. From that moment begins to spread rapidly so that today the continent has more than in America. Because of this situation, in our country running is a serious action to monitor surface and remove the weeds. The need for its destruction is imposed because it is extremely harmful, and largely been at home in Vojvodina, Macva, the lower parts Ĺ umadije, Morava.
In nature this plant, because of bitter taste, do not eat no animal. Ambrose sprouts from mid-April, and flower in late summer and autumn, ie from mid-July to early autumn frosts.
Ragweed pollen causes allergies for ten percent of the people, and all the pollen from ragweed pollen allergy is the cause of as much as 50 to 60 percent of cases. In the most sensitive person only eight to twenty grains in a cubic meter of air can cause severe allergic reactions. A one ragweed plant produces up to eight billion pollen grains. The ragweed pollen confirmed the presence of as many as 52 compounds that are allergic, including six especially dangerous. Dangerous not only for humans but for animals.
However, despite the general hunt to ragweed, experts also point to its healing properties? Claiming that there is no botanical plant that would only be beneficial or harmful, a certain Dr. William Cook cites the example of the picked list of ragweed American Indians rub the skin after insect bites, and the appearance of skin diseases. Also, as usual cooked tea leaves and roots of ragweed helps with menstrual pain.

Signs of allergy

An allergic reaction occurs primarily in the upper airways. Wheezing, sneezing more than ten times in a row, itching in the nose and throat with increased secretion, burning and watery eyes with signs of conjunctivitis, eyelid edema are major symptoms of allergic reactions caused by ragweed, which in some cases exceed in asthma attacks! The fact that the world is increasingly recorded deaths caused by excessive allergic reaction to ragweed.

Recommendations on how to protect

The best protection is the eradication of ragweed plants, and that means pulling out the weeds and mowing before flowering, and on large farms use chemicals with the advice of experts. It is important to avoid contact with the allergen, the amount of information about pollen and taking timely preventive therapy, and physician consultation.
If the skin test to confirm the cause of the existing ragweed allergies should take steps to prevent its occurrence or at least mitigated. Preventive therapy should be taken at the beginning of its flowering, but not arbitrarily on their own, but the doctor allergist to determine what is therapeutically appropriate.
But, even if timely therapy does not lead to complete control of unpleasant symptoms, then the medication should be avoided in every way a plant allergen. Doctors advise that you should, if possible, removed from the environment where ragweed grows. If it is not possible, then the nature we should not overlook the time of its flowering. Since that is difficult to remain closed, then you should choose to go out just rainy days. As to the behavior in the home, apartments should not be aired before 23 hours.
When it comes to small children, they should not be carried out for a walk in the morning, because then the highest concentration of pollen in the air. Children should not be run either by the windy weather, but when you go for a walk should be more likely to change their clothes because the pollen sticks to clothing.Washing, especially children's, should not be dried out, also because of ragweed pollen.

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