Saturday, June 30, 2012

Allergy to eggs

Although for the most part this type of allergy disappears by the end of the fifth year, every fifth child is detained in adult age.

In the egg there are powerful allergens - a number of potent glycoproteins that may give rise to allergic hypersensitivity (ovalbumin, ovomucoid, and lysozyme ovotransferin). Ovoalbumin of more than 50% of total egg white protein, both in raw egg, cooked as well.
Although most people with allergies to eggs actually allergic to the proteins in egg white, some have problems only with egg yolk, and some are not tolerant of both.

An allergy is an abnormal immune system response to proteins in the egg, and is present in his introduction to the diet. By the reaction usually occurs quickly after a few minutes, but can also occur after two to four hours. Generally takes less than a day.

Symptoms of allergy to eggs, including the classic allergic reaction: runny nose, often itchy skin, urticaria, inflammation of the eyelids and the whites of the eye, swelling of lips, palate and tongue, nausea, asthma, abdominal pain, vomiting, ...

These tips will help you to live without these symptoms.

Avoid eggs and foods containing eggs, including bread, ice cream, mayonnaise, salad dressing (dressing), pate and soup.

Observe and fried foods. This includes snacks, filled rolls, pastries, cakes and biscuits.

Avoid fried foods with a shiny crust, such as food coated with egg yolk.

Eggs are also used in soy lecithin (a natural source of vitamin B), so be careful on that.

Check the products you buy for a declaration that it would not contain emulsifiers and coagulants.

Read the declaration in shampoos and cosmetics.

Check your medication. Proteins from eggs used in the pharmaceutical industry.

In restaurants, order, report simple dishes without sauce that leave cooked meat or vegetables.

In his kitchen, remove the eggs from use, and instead use banana, soy milk, tofu and egg free recipes, visit or what information can replace eggs.

Allowable foods for allergy to eggs:

• meat - lamb, veal, beef, chicken, turkey, goose

• offal - liver

• Fish - fresh or frozen

• fruits, vegetables

• fats - vegetable oils, lard, margarine

• wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice, semolina

• baby cereal, cornflakes

• bread - an integral

• cookies without eggs

• tea, cocoa, bitter chocolate

• sugar - sugar, honey, jam, marmalade

• salt, spices

Replace with scrambled tofu with. Cut it into smaller pieces and zasipajte onion and pepper.

Take supplements such as vitamin C with bioflavonoids (natural pigments in fruits and vegetables). It helps your body to tolerate allergens and increases immune function.

Take the digestion of proteins for 2 times a day.

It is interesting that patients are allergic to eggs often have positive skin allergy tests on chicken, but chicken can be eaten without any allergic reactions.

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