Thursday, May 24, 2012

Useful tips to relieve PMS

Water retention, mood changes, breast tenderness, and indigestion are problems experienced by many women in the week preceding menstruation. Here are some tips from the bestselling Weed - Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way (Alternatives for Women 30-90), which will help ease these discomforts.

Against swelling:

1) 10 to 20 drops of dandelion root tincture in a glass of water with meals and at bedtime.

2) A strong infusion (one ounce of dried herb in 250 ml of boiling water, brewed overnight) Nettle - common weed, not only relieves, but also helps prevent further episodes of water retention. Weed says she drinks a cup or more of this infusion daily whenever she wants to nourish her kidneys and adrenals.

To mitigate the change in mood:

3) Tincture of fresh thyme flowers is a popular tranquilizer herbalist Weed. It uses a dose of 5-10 drops in a little water if necessary several times a day, sometimes even 3 or 4 times within an hour, until the desired effect is achieved. '' I never feel drugged, drunk or out of it when I use thyme as a tranquilizer'' she said.

4) For women who constantly feel rage premenstrually, Vidova uses 20 to 30 drops of thyme tincture twice daily for a month to stabilize mood, and urges women to seize the day'' moon'' - one day right before or at the start of menstruation , which should be paid to himself and only himself.

5) One or more cups of oat extracts (grass plant that gives us oatmeal) helps the nerves calm down and provides a rich source of minerals known to soothe worn nerves.

To ease the swelling and the sensitivity of the breast:

6) 20 to 30 drops of tincture of cleavers, another common weed, works wonders. This plant, also called goose grass'''', was used as a substitute for black tea. The dose may be repeated every hour, up to six times a day.

7) Women who get a lot of calcium and magnesium from their diet (leafy greens, yogurt, and many herbs are rich in these minerals) have less breast tenderness. Increase the minerals in your diet with a cup or more of red clover / mint infusion daily.

8) Large cabbage leaves, steamed whole until soft, can be used as a calming, warm compresses to sore and swollen breasts.

For the relief of indigestion:

9) The daily dose of one teaspoon / 5 ml of yellow dock root vinegar.

10) cup of yogurt in the morning (buy plain and add fruit at home) replaces gut flora and ensures easy digestion all day.

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