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There is hardly a man in their life had no experience with the occurrence of heartburn. Heartburn or a burning sensation in the chest occurs because of the return (reflux) of stomach acid, a condition that occurs because of repeated episodes of heartburn called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD for short. 

The disease is usually a result of muscle weakness, lower esophageal sphincter (DES). DES in the form of a ring surrounding the lower esophagus. If swallowed, DES is opened, allowing the passage of food into the stomach. Otherwise, DES must be closed to the acid from the stomach would not be coming back into the esophagus, and if that happens, there is a burning sensation. Both the disease hides many dangers, because the endoscopic examination, even if someone has heartburn, in 55% of cases no change in the esophagus, while those registered in about 45% of cases and it can still lead to severe damage, the so-called Barrett's esophagus, which actually predkancerozno state, which leads to the appearance of metaplasia and gastric epithelium in the esophagus.

The cause of
Many causes induce relaxation DES: Some medications, certain foods, emotional stress, smoking, eating quickly, inadequate chewing or lying down after meals. Even when the DES solid, heartburn can occur as a result of pressure on the muscle from excessive eating, tight clothing, pregnancy or obesity.

The clinical picture
The main symptom is a painful burning sensation in the chest. Sometimes the pain is as strong as in myocardial infarction (sometimes people with myocardial think they have heartburn). Both conditions cause pain in the chest. It usually develops within one hour after meals.


Heartburn is the so-called cures. antacids - medicines that neutralize stomach acid, relieve pain and burning in the chest. Gelusil Lac ® showed excellent results in the treatment of heartburn. This effective antacid neutralizes excess stomach acid and quickly removes pain, heartburn and other symptoms associated with excessive secretion of gastric acid. Gelusil Lac ® creates a protective layer that protects the lining of the stomach and duodenum. More recently, the treatment of excessive secretion of stomach acid and ulcers (ulcers) are increasingly used H2 blockers such as ranitidine in effervescent tablets.Doctors recommend it because it looks like after only 15 minutes to reduce gastric acid secretion, and thereby does not interfere with the secretion of protective mucus and enzymes for the digestion. It accelerates healing and relieves symptoms of peptic ulkusa.Savremena therapy is conducted with the use of a new generation of drugs from the group of so-called "proton pump inhibitors" (pantoprazole, which is Controloc), these products work by preventing the creation of acid in the stomach. Most patients respond well to treatment, which lasts 4-8 weeks, so you can take one pill in the morning, before eating at a dose of 40 mg, however, when you stop treatment your symptoms come back often and therefore many patients must be the, so called, maintenance therapy, respectively, to take a day from this group of drugs in doses of 20-40 mg, and to - for years.


Prevention is the best way to combat heartburn. With a few simple rules you can avoid this unpleasant problem in peace to enjoy all the benefits of rest. While you eat, and relax. Stress increases the production of stomach acid. Sit down and eat slowly. Enjoy every bite. Listen to relaxing music. Do not overdo the amount of food. Try to eat four or five small meals rather than three large ones. Avoid spicy foods.Probably you know that some foods increases the secretion of gastric acid: citrus fruits, garlic, carbonated beverages, spicy foods and tomato based foods. Some foods cause the release of hormone-like compounds that relax DES: fatty foods, chocolate, tea, coffee and alcohol. Do not lie down immediately after eating. The first walk, then go to sleep. If you bothering heartburn at night, do not eat several hours before bedtime. Lose weight. Excessive weight increases the pressure on the stomach acid and may be expelled into the esophagus. Because heartburn is so common in pregnant women. Loosen your belt.Tight clothing increases the pressure on the stomach. Chew gum. They increase saliva production, which can relieve burning in the esophagus and returns back to stomach acid.

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