Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A panic attack

It is estimated that one in 20 people suffer from severe anxiety or neurosis, and often worried and annoyed about everyday things that others sometimes seem quite common. Many of them have panic attacks - what is it exactly? 

It is an insidious and potentially very dangerous mental disorder. Panic attacks often occur without warning and it is almost impossible to predict, especially for someone who is not even aware that he suffers from anxiety or a related mental condition, and there is a lot.

Basically, panic attacks are a form of fear, in this case is actually the fear of fear itself. Instead of being afraid of something that we can identify with us and it causes fear and anxiety when we are in the vicinity - either physical or abstract terms - those who suffer from panic attacks feel intense fear of the unknown sources. In a way, their fear is autogeneriran or arises in themselves.

The main problem is that panic attacks can markedly resemble a heart attack, which only reinforces the fear and the feeling of being lost in affected individuals, writes trigon.hr. Among the most common symptoms are dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, sweating, chest pain, difficulty breathing, itching in the fingers, and general problems with the senses, such as blurred vision and "ringing" or hissing in the ears.

These symptoms can be very intense and come suddenly so that the person may think that having a heart attack or dying. They are often very frightening and can completely prevent the normal functioning of the person, even paralyze it. If they occur frequently, in many cases leads to the development of depression or other types of psychosis.

Although today there are a number of medical treatment for panic attacks - from exercise to meditation sessions with a therapist - for many people is quite difficult to regain control of the situation once it occurs. Studies have shown that the two main approaches to the effective part of the cases, a combination is usually the most effective.Drugs with proven long-term effectiveness simply does not exist - but they can help, at least in the field of auto-suggestion or in connection with potential or for the resulting depression. On the other hand, it is known that antidepressants can cause psychological and physical dependence and patient ...

In any case, with this form of mental disorder, it is important to recognize that before it happens to you, because so you might be aware of when the next time symptoms appear and you can not help it.

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