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Natural cure diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is a chronic, incurable systemic metabolic disorder that is characterized by hyperglycemia, ie. permanently elevated levels of glucose in the blood. It is mostly caused by hereditary factors, and is due to reduced secretion or reduced biological effects of the hormone insulin or the combination of these two factors.This deficiency interferes with carbohydrate, fat and belančevinau body (which is manifested typical problems), and after a long time and affects the structure and function of blood vessels, nerves and other vital organs and organ systems.

Diabetes is now considered one of the most common endocrine disease, with prevalence increasing (especially in developed countries). This is a consequence of modern lifestyles and the increasing number of external etiological factors, among which stands out obesity. Diabetes is most common in the elderly as a result of general degenerative and sclerotic changes in the organism (which affect the pancreas, and in young adults may arise from genetic disorders or pancreatic damage in certain infectious diseases.

Treatment - recipes:

Large Swiss naturalist Kinc priest says: "Diabetes can fairly quickly be cured by using the following species: 3 parts rabbit feet (Geum urbanum), one part leaf blackberries and blueberries, 3 parts yellow astringent (Ro1ep Šaaigea), 2 parts of dried green bean pods. "With a quart of water over pour a small spoon full of this mixture for three minutes and let it sit, the daily amount of 1.5 to 2 liters. 
Healing effects of blueberry leaf depends on the collection. He must not only be collected before the fruit is ripe.List blueberries, if you picked the right time, a clinically proven remedy for diabetes. It is considered proven that myrtillin, which is in the list of blueberries before its ripe fruit, not only reduces the excretion of sugar, but can completely cure the disease. So myrtillin from blueberry leaf rightly called "vegetable insulin." Despite these remarkable properties, healing tea of ​​blueberry leaf can not be made without medical examination. 
Lowering blood sugar and celery are recommended. The old folk remedy is made from raw brine and pickled cabbage and fresh carrots, you should be eating every day. The same purpose can daposluže onions and garlic, when put on the bread. 
Another folk remedy, four tablespoons blueberry leaf (leaf harvested before the fruit is ripe!) Stewards in two quarts of cold water, and half-cooked. It is consumed per one cup three times a day. 
I nettles extraordinary influence on the pancreas and its effect lowers the blood sugar level. Nettle extract is taken, which can be bought in pharmacies, drug stores and bio-activities. 
Given that calamus root can cure all diseases of the pancreas, it also helps with diabetes. Overnight in a cup of cold water lay flat teaspoon calamus root, the morning is easy to warm, then strain it and drink one sip before and after meals, for a total of six sips a day. All these six sips of tea from the roots of calamus very suited for diabetics. 
Tea leaves and shoots can also be called to recommend patients with diabetes. Elder is one of the oldest medicinal plants used in folk medicine. 
Dandelion in the meadows and fields harvested in early spring, as soon as it nikne.Treba cut off the roots, well washed and used as the first spring salad. There is the dandelion juice characteristic of green grass and other species, with yellowish milky juice. The latter is a more pleasant taste and soluble. In the spring, the diabetics daily, noon and night, should eat this salad. And then, when in late April and early May dandelion in full bloom, for every diabetic's time to begin a four-week course of lowering blood sugar levels. Stems should be harvested along with the flower, wash, and only after washing discarded flower. If a diabetic eats 10 to 15 stems of dandelion day, it can count on the full normalization of blood glucose. Initially, the plant has bitterish taste, but it later disappears. 
Mistletoe also positively affects the pancreas, and the constant use of this herb tea is gradually disappearing cause of diabetes. Mistletoe is kept immersed overnight in cold water. Initially, the required amount of three cups of cold water and three teaspoons full of mistletoe. After several weeks, enough were two cups, and after a while, one with a teaspoon of mistletoe. At one point in the spring, when a diabetic and other fresh vegetables, tea, mistletoe does not need to drink. This herb should be collected from early October to early December, in April and May, because only then healing. Najlekovitija is one that grows on oak and poplar, but they are effective and mistletoe with food and fruit. Flower stalks and cut Nasitno. White berries of mistletoe are not to be used for tea! After our much-praised reduced biter positive effect on the pancreas, and may even cure, diabetics should not use these drops. Taken three times a day - one full teaspoon, with a little herbal tea. Because of their depth activity, preferably once a month for upotrebitiih wrap, which keeps on pancreas-four hours. 
Chicory root can be used by diabetics as an excellent dietary vegetables. He, like endive, washed well under running water, because it reduces bitterness in taste. After all, tea from the flowers and stems of chicory gives good results in obesity. To lose weight, daily drink two cups of this tea. 
I squeezed the juice of fresh cucumber effect on lowering blood sugar levels, so he recommended to diabetics. 
Comfrey is also one of the extraordinary dietary vegetables, as well as asparagus. Due to the negligible amounts of carbohydrates, this vegetable is an ideal diet food for diabetics. It can be prepared with plenty of fat and bread crumbs and that it does not harm the patient. Black root for use in the kitchen is grown in the vegetable garden and is not identical with comfrey, which is also known under this name. 
Green leek is very good for diabetics. You need to eat it every day for dinner, finely sliced ​​down to the tips of feathers on the bread. Salad of leeks and desirable to serve lunch. Drink a very pleasant flavor can be prepared as follows: 500 g leeks, finely chopped up the green tops and pour 0.7 l of dry white wine, cover and leave to stand for 24 hours. After that, strain and pour into a bottle and drink morning and evening for a drink. Solid residues can be eaten spread on bread. 
The three large heads of garlic mashed and put in a liter bottle, fill the natural grain brandy and leave to stand for 10 to 14 days. Every morning, before breakfast, take a small spoonful of this wine.
List of black mulberry, shell beans (especially at the end), dragušac, nettle leaf - in equal parts, well mixed and the mixture of 1 tablespoon cook 3 minutes in 3 ounces of water. Leave covered to stand for 10-15 minutes. Then drain and drink three times a day for a cup before eating. Even better if you drink every hour or two after a few sips. There should be no savor. 
Dandelion Root - a spoon, birch leaves - 3 tablespoons, white mustard (mustard) - one scoop, shell beans - 2 tablespoons. All is well mixed and the mixture is poured a bucket with 3 ounces of boiling water. Leave covered to stand for half an hour. After that day to drink a few cups. 
St. John's Wort, shell beans, red mulberry paper - in equal parts and mix well and spoon mešavine1 cook 3 minutes in 3 ounces of water. Leave covered to stand for 10-15 minutes. Then drain and drink three times a day for a cup before eating. Even better if you drink every hour or two after a few sips. There should be no savor. 
Corn silk - 5 tablespoons of the valley - one spoon, paper birch - 6 tablespoons. All well mixed and the mixture of less than a tablespoon put in 3 ounces of water and cook for 2 minutes. Leave covered to stand for 10-15 minutes, then drain and drink three times daily before meals. 
In the spring until dragušac (Nasturtium officinale) do not grow old, you should eat it as a salad with every meal.
A quart of wine mixed with a liter of water četrvt in the liquid placed 20 g of ground roots of tightening (Potentitla anserina). It let stand 12 hours. Then cook for 15 minutes, strain and drink every half hour or - one spoon. 
The fruit of wild rose (bar) - 30 g, toast (not fry). Then grind in a mortar or stuc and pour a liter of water. To cook softly until ukuva in half. In the tea put a little honey and the juice of one lemon. This little tea drinking all day.For your main meal at noon, drink the entire cup and lie in bed, warm cover. If the patient sweat, should be half water and half vinegar soaked linen cloth or sponge and rub and wash the upper body. Do not delete it. Put on some clothes and lie down again. As a child should eat boiled wheat, meal made from oats, barley, lean meat, bread, walnuts or hazelnuts. Fruit: cherries, ripe fruit is called - can be taken with a glass of cider. Grapes do not eat. 
Root and leaf parsley, wash, horseradish root, grate like a finely cut foliage, and all together with a cup of yogurt or yogurt drink and mingle. It is drunk every night before bed. 
With diabetes to take 4 tablespoons of blueberry leaf in half a liter of water and cook until the middle of ukuva.Half of the drinks before the meal and the other half at bedtime. 
50 g of black mulberry leaf (crushed) Pour a pint of boiling water, cover, allow 8-10 hours with frequent stirring.Drinks instead of water. 
Stir 60 g blueberries (list) and 100 g of shell beans. Of this take two spoons and cook in 3 ounces of water. Cook until the water is reduced to one third. It is drunk one cup twice before eating.

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