Monday, April 9, 2012

Liver injury

Liver injury occurs in isolation or due to trauma. Injuries are divided into open-penetrating, closed-nepenetrantne and spontaneous rupture of the liver which are potential causes of liver tumors (adenomas) and toxemia of pregnancy.

Clinical picture:
Right upper quadrant, there is a sharp pain that radiates to the right plećku.Kod liver injury patients general condition is poor due to bleeding and hemorrhagic appearance soka.Nastaje malaise, rapid pulse-filiformni, drop in blood pressure.

It is based on history, clinical presentation, objective examination, laboratory tests, ultrasound and CT.

Generally conservative in hemodynamically stable patients without associated intrabadoiminalnih povreda.Ovi patients require continuous monitoring and care, monitoring vital signs and antibiotic therapy.

In hemodynamic unstable patients suspected of violations of other abdominal organs is inevitable because urgent intervention.

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