Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lack of testosterone in men

A woman knows all of the menopause. And what about men? Is there, in what way and shows you his name? It has long been thought that only women are victims of the transitional period, because menopause starts suddenly and noticeably.

After more than a century of denial, finally admitted that men have problems that concern them in couples, their common name of andropause, it causes a decreased production of male sex hormone testosterone.

But unlike women, men, and the extinction process of changing sexual functions for 5, l0, l5 and sometimes years.This is why diversification is slower and less visible.

Psychological disturbances

How hormones affect a number of physiological processes in the body, gradually reducing the level of testosterone leads to a number of disorders. Thus, the male menopause best known for its conspicuous decline of potency and libido, difficulty meeting the partner and rare sexual relations.

But aside from changes in the sexual plane, a man tortured and many visible indicators of andropause. The most common are hair loss and hair, reduce muscle mass and increase in adipose tissue and the need of wearing glasses.

In addition, the whole body of a man, except the face and skull, gradually decreases and the weakening of muscles, creating distortion, especially the chest. Many of them complain of fatigue, insomnia, irritability, depression ....

And psychological disturbances often lead to changes in the behavior of a man who marveled family and friends.For example, when the macho driver still allows it to overtake on the road who arrives or when an athlete during intense sports news nap.

Although there appears to be a man of such qualities primarily associated with the character, research shows that testosterone has a crucial role. It shows that of 30 and to 80 The life of a man loses nearly 5O percent of testosterone.

Because testosterone derived protein synthesis in the body, increasing the number of muscle cells, reducing the amount of male sex hormones to blame for the loss of physical strength.

Of 30 to 40 The average life of a man loses 6.5 pounds of muscle or almost l6, 5 percent of the power it had at its peak. This loss follows the decline of the defense system and more frequent and rheumatism, inflammation of gastric mucosa, inflammation of the bronchi.

Health problems

The classic men's disease, ie heart and blood vessels of the heart are all common. All of them often struggling and bone loss. Although the figures are more than eloquent, large numbers of men tortured by problems associated with andropause persistently avoided visiting a doctor and open discussion.

When testosterone deficient men makes life difficult, it is best to seek help from your family doctor. He shall, if necessary, refer the men to view a urologist, an endocrinologist and testing. Only then can determine therapy.

Since hormone replacement therapy can cause undesirable side effects, men who have to be taken under medical supervision. Testosterone therapy may lead to accumulation of fluid in the tissue damage and exacerbation of existing liver disease, especially high blood pressure and heart disease and diabetes. Because hormones - yes - but cautiously.

The pill, patch, injection

In recent years, the world (quite rare) lack of testosterone is increasingly dealt hormone replacement therapy.Their dose of hormones women can take in pill form, label, or subcutaneous injection inserts. However, their favorite pills.

Because testosterone derived protein synthesis in the body, increasing the number of muscle cells, reducing the amount of male sex hormones is to blame for the loss of power

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