Thursday, April 5, 2012

The importance of the poor child fat

Can you live a full life without butter, cream, cakes and eggs? Can you avoid fatty foods such as ribs, salty foods like potato chips, and focus on vegetables, fruits and whole grains?

"Absolutely," says dr. Monroe Rosenthal, from Santa Monica, Calif., "because thousands of people have done it, and continue to do so as a result of their health status significantly improved. "

It is recommended that a diet in which 10 percent of calories come from fat. This means no more than 90 grams of fish, meat, poultry or lean meat a day. And since the average American diet contains 50 percent of daily calories coming from fat, it's a pretty drastic reduction!

Some people decide on such a diet, so they withdraw. But it is a great alternative to operative cardiac premasnici (bypass) or the constant fear that they will hurt you in the chest when you do something. The diet requires commitment, positive attitude and a little effort. But it pays off. Blood pressure lowering, cholesterol levels fall, attacks of chest pain to thin the, and the clinical symptoms improved.

Often it can be entirely dispensed with some drugs. The study 893 patients, for example, showed that their cholesterol levels dropped by about 25 percent after just four weeks of the child. A 62 per cent of patients suffering from angina left treatment, no drugs, while many others reduce medication after completion of the program that included diet, exercise and education.

What is the realistic goal of 10 percent of calories from fat? Dr. Sidney C. Smith, Jr., Says this can be achieved only in 10 percent of the population. Recommendation of today's trends in medicine and the American Heart Association (AHA) is to reduce to reduce to 30 percent of calories from fat, which is easily achievable. These instructions and ograničenja'mogu achieved in a large percentage of the population, although some doctors believe that the limits be lowered even more. Others placed more stringent than the American instructions Cardiac Society.

After all, it can be concluded that not everything in the diet but in the way of life. 

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