Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The good side of depression

American psychiatrists have found that depression, which survives every man for once in my life, it has its useful side. 

By studying the roots of depression, a condition characterized by seven per cent of the population, psychiatrists at the University of Virginia have concluded that it begins the process of ruminations ("chewing gum"), are characterized as constant "survival" of the same negative thoughts and impressions.

Ruminations reduced mental capacity, poor memory, ability to analyze, which is why scientists have previously made conclusions that the thoughtful ruminations sudden loss of energy.

However, they have assumed that the ruminations have a positive sense, as often occurs in response to severe stress - the death of a loved one or dismissal.

In this case, intense pondering on the same one helps one to survive a severe blow.

The main symptoms of depression, including nespostobnost to experience pleasure, loss of interest in food, sex, communications, have, however, a constructive sense.

Psychologists have found that the time zone activates the brain responsible for attention and concentration in direct proportion. What is depression strengthens the active zone.

The researchers concluded on the basis that the depression makes its way out of difficult situations.

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