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Fungal infections of the genitals

Candidosis or genital infections genital fungus Candida albicans

What is it?
Fungal infection of the genital organs are most often caused by the fungus Candida albicans. They are very common in women. Candida albicans is a normal inhabitant of the intestine of every human being, and is found on the skin. Infection that. excessive proliferation of the fungus occurs when due to certain causes of disturbed immune balance, as well as some outside influences

How is infection?
When genital candidosis is almost always on autoinfekciji - yeast infection so that they live in our intestines, and for some reason, at some point begin to proliferate extensively. The reasons are mainly excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics, use of birth control pills, excessive genital hygiene using alkaline soaps that destroy the normal flora of the vagina, pregnancy, menstruation, inadequate (too narrow and synthetic) underwear, inadequate sanitary napkins, etc. unregulated diabetes. Poor control of diabetes reduces the body's resistance to infection. When diabetes is well regulated, defense against infection again as how the people who do not suffer from diabetes .. In addition, in poorly regulated diabetes blood and body fluids have higher glucose levels, making them better substrates for the growth of microorganisms, including fungi Candida albicans, which then causes an infection.

What are the symptoms of genital candidosis?
The woman is most common genital itching and burning with increased discharge that is usually white and cheesy.On the external genitalia can be seen as a sign of redness, inflammation, and the vagina is covered with a white cheesy colonies of fungi.
The men usually do not have the symptoms (asymptomatic carriers). There may be a whitish plaque on the glans and foreskin with a sense of sensitivity and irritation. It can be present meager discharge from the urethra.
Symptoms are most noticeable after sexual intercourse because the friction further enhances the feeling of burning and itching. For women during and after sexual intercourse can occur with burning pain and redness of the vagina, and vulva. Itching can be extended to the area around the anal opening (anus).

How is it diagnosed?
Diagnosis is made by microscopic examination of smears of material removed from the affected part of the vagina, glans penis or prepuce.
Woman during a gynecological examination taken for smear material, a man that can take a specialist in Dermatology. Sometimes a doctor just by reviewing the characteristic appearance suggests that it is a candida infection.

When it comes to fungi in the treatment do not apply antibiotics. Antibiotics stimulate the growth of fungi in the gut, which then becomes a source of genital infection .. The local treatment is applied, the so-called. antifungal therapy. When a woman is used as a vaginaleta placed in the vagina and creams that are applied on the external genitalia in men cream is embellishing the glans and foreskin. Therapy may be the tablets by the doctor. Usually the symptoms by medication quickly disappear.

Additional tips
Some women, despite the consistent implementation of the treatment are permanent recurrent Candida albicans infections.
In this case you should check your blood sugar as one of the first symptoms of diabetes can be repeated genital infections Candida albicans.
One should pay attention to diet: reduce intake of refined sugar, white flour products, and increase the intake of fermented foods (milk, yogurt, acidophilus, sauerkraut, etc.).
Proper hygiene is an important factor in recurrent Candida infections. This rule is "too much or too little." Sexual organs are not in fact "dirty bodies" and should not be followed too strong antiseptic means. In this way destroys the natural defense barrier in the vagina - vaginal flora (Lactobacillus vaginalis) and creates an open space for outdoor infection. Enough for the daily washing of the genital organs and the corresponding water liquid soap (be sure to recommend for those with low pH). Flushing the vagina with everyday, normal conditions are not necessary.
Avoid synthetic underwear, tights, tight clothes and thong panties. After completion of treatment it is useful to facilitate the restoration of the natural vaginal flora. For this purpose it may use specific formulations that contain so-called. Döderleinove germs.

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