Thursday, April 19, 2012

Five mandatory surveys for women

If the umpteenth time, put off going to the gynecologist or even with those you have not encountered, this contribution could help you a little calm their fears. Irresponsibility to himself the high price and it is much wiser to be brave and go once or twice a year on routine examination. All this is much easier when you know what awaits you there. Here's what means the complete review:

First Gynecological examination. Begins with the first instrument (speculum) views the cervix and to check the absence of any change in the form of blisters, redness, polipoznog growths and other changes. Then do the manual review to determine which position of the uterus, feel the uterus and ovaries, and links to check whether there is a cyst or tumor. All this is painful and should not be afraid of hits, but the doctor should go like a friend who will help us. After that, according to the findings, the gynecologist to decide whether something else to do additional work accurately diagnosed.

Second BRIS. Taking the standard. Under the microscope to determine which group of vaginal secretions. There are six groups, each with its own characteristics and appropriately treated. In the group treated with a stronger partner. The first two groups are not treated, the third has several subspecies, and requires treatment, the fourth is the worst STD gonorrhea, a fifth bicar parasite Trichomonas vaginalis. Sixth, the group is fairly common fungus. The famous name is candida albicans or moniliasis. It occurs after the use of antibiotics for colds and other inflammations. Jobs in pregnancy and has drugs that may be used. Suffer from it and diabetes, as sugar is favorable ground for development of fungi. There are analyzes of vaginal chlamydia trachomatis, mycoplasma and ureaplasma in which to work during treatment for infertility, frequent miscarriage, and other indications.Since it is increasingly frequent viral warts genital warts may be required the presence of HPV (the virus that causes warts pointed) and make a typing these viruses, because some of these potential causes of premalignant lesions.

Third Pap analysis is performed at least once a year. Taking the PAP is not painful, and can be life saving for women. This analysis seeks to "discomfort" of cells, to the time of diagnosis of early cancer of the cervix and stop further progression of the disease. Sometimes the changes are a sign of inflammation, and treatment leads to appeasement. If the situation continues unchanged, after the colposcopic examination is determined by the place where you do target biopsy - taking a cut-out special instrument for biopsy (may be in anesthesia). All to be done to prevent the spread of disease. It is important that the time to do it, time is crucial. Therefore, women should be controlled, because the disease goes insidiously, without any symptoms at first. If a woman has bleeding after sex, but it is a sign of "neglected wounds" and should be reported immediately to the doctor.

4th Colposcopy. Coffee colposcope is like a microscope, which is enriched by all the changes on the cervix up to 50 times and made the right diagnosis. It is painless and should find the time and create the habit of regular checkups. Any change in the form of redness, or growths should be taken seriously and that, in addition to smears, colposcopy done. Changes may be different from the common red patches, irritation due to increased group, which can heal secretions subside until the cancer (cancer) in the cervix, and this diagnosis must not be late. In some countries of Western Europe every six months, taking PAP and colposcopy and if you do have and if there are no changes in the cervix. The practice is that a woman writing or phone calls to get the routine examinations.For us this is not the practice, but hopefully it will become.

5th Ultrasound. Using ultrasound in medicine to obtain diagnostic quality. It is used in the diagnosis of pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy. It controls the growth of the fetus, placenta position, reveals anomalies in the fetus, following the circulation of blood through the umbilical cord and placenta, and more. Also, with his help to detect diseases of the uterus, such as myomas, which are very common. One in five women over 35 years and has received or myoma (benign tumor of the uterus muscle wall of the uterus). He can not operate immediately if less, is not in a hurry because they do not usually exceed the malignant tumor, and the climax is reduced. So, not every woman with uterine need surgery immediately. So the important controls at least one year, and more often if necessary. Under the UZ can be monitored and disease in the ovaries, cysts, tumors, and more, can be controlled by the position of the spiral, punctuate the cyst and the like.

Ultrasound examinations are not painful, and have modern appliances and a vaginal probe, so that no preparation in the form of filling of the bladder.

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