Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Depression in pregnancy

Although the pregnancy was considered until recently living a period in which a woman is protected from any mental illness, now known to be on average 10-20% of women during their pregnancies suffer from depression. 

What causes depression during pregnancy?

For depression during pregnancy is a lot of factors responsible and phenomena, and among the most influential are:
for depression as part of medical history or family history PMDP-a (disforičnog premenstrual disorder - extreme types of PMS)
year in which a woman is pregnant - in fact, the young pregnant woman, the risk of depression is higher
living alone increases depression
children - the more a woman has, the more likely to have problems with depression during the next pregnancy
marital conflict and poor marital situation just to feed the depression
indifference to the pregnant women improves depression

What impact and consequences of depression during pregnancy can have?

As a mental disorder, depression can have very negative side effects and affect the ability of females to take care of themselves during pregnancy. This primarily refers to the inability to comply with the recommendations of doctors, poor sleep and a healthy diet and regular.

Depression pregnant woman can expose to unnecessary risks of excessive use of substances that can harm the child and her, including the tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

Worst of all is that depression can affect the establishment of a healthy relationship between mother and child, which may have far reaching negative consequences and affect the whole future life of the child.

How does pregnancy affect the depression?

Stress that occurs during pregnancy can easily cause the occurrence or recurrence of depression and worsening of depression if a person once in his life suffered from it.

Also, there is a risk of postpartum depression or postpartum depression, which can have extremely serious consequences for the mother.

What to do if a woman under the influence of depression during pregnancy?

Preparing for the arrival of additions is always very demanding and serious, but keep in mind that health should always come first, because if not, it will not adversely affect only the woman but also the baby. Depression can cause unwanted disturbances during pregnancy and childbirth itself. To do this would have occurred before birth to prepare everything in detail. During pregnancy to reduce the daily tasks as possible and do only those things that will help pregnant women to relax.

What is also of very great importance, is an open discussion about issues that concern women, because the support of partners, household members and friends are invaluable.

I well remember that the concern that water-pregnant women about themselves and their health reflects on the child.

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