Thursday, April 19, 2012

Control of exercise-induced asthma

Guess if your asthma is out there somewhere around the sixth round of your daily jogging? When you do something physically hard, if you suddenly start to fight for air? If so in your case, you may be suffering from asthma caused by a physical work - and you're in pretty elite company. At the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1984th nearly 20 percent of athletes suffering from these types of asthma. Today, in the general population, one out of ten people will get this type of asthma.

Here's what doctors advise you to do:

Nostrils open, and not your mouth
When during strenuous exercise, open your mouth to breathe, the back of your throat is dried and cooled, which causes asthma. Close your mouth and breathe through your nose.

Swim to 'drown' asthma
Swimming is ideal exercise for asthmatics. Due to high humidity, your mouth will not dry. No, they're good and other sports that require short intensive exercise, such as baseball, tennis and golf.

Take a break
If you run like a deer, you'll quickly get tired. Asthmatics need to pace themselves to determine. Slow to warm up and then slowly start to practice.

Asthma medication put in a sports bag
Take the medicine before you change about the children. If you take the medicine 15 minutes before you start exercising, you should feel good.

And all of you, as competitors at the Olympics, you need not worry. Asthma medication was approved by the Olympic Committee.

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