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Alternative medicine in the treatment of diabetes

Homeopathic medicine, a holistic form of treatment, monitor every disease as a manifestation of the weakened vital power of people. Even Hahnemann, seeking homeopathic medicines for certain chronic diseases, introduced miazmatsku theory ("miasma" - pollution), back in 1826th , where he presented his view that all the symptoms of disease, in fact, in the background are three different miasm: "Business Council", "syphilis" and "sikozis".Homeopathic doctors believe that diabetes is behind the BCSD sikotičkom hint, so called. by a combination of homeopathy called tuberkularnom miasm. Accordingly, and homeopathic remedies, which successfully treated the disease with tuberkularnim miasm in the background, used to treat diabetes.
Homeopathy has its own option in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetic patients, ie. Diabetes mellitus type 2, taking into account all the symptoms, as well as the constitution of the individual.
Some of the most upotrebljivanih homeopathic medicines, which facilitate the management of the disease and prevent its progression, which is drawn up using the conventional therapy for its gradual reduction, in clinical practice include:

Acetic acid: drug targets for people with diabetes who were "emaciated" and weak, have a powerful thirst, profuse pale urine, wet, and there is increased sensitivity to cold.

Argentum Metallicum: The benefits of the gradual weakening of the patient, profuse urination thick sweet smell of urine and a visible swelling of the joints.

Arsenicum Album: In extreme exhaustion, anxiety, nocturnal worsening of symptoms. The urine is albuminous and scanty, and there insatiable thirst.

Cephalandra Indica (tincture) with diabetes who have a strong thirst and the need for drinking large amounts of liquid. The skin is dry, with ulcers, the itching sensation.

Insulin 3X, 6X: Used in treating diabetes and ulcers and to treat various skin manifestations. Sugar in the urine is extremely well controlled in this way. (DrV.F.Bejker).
Long before the discovery of insulin, Dr. Pierre Paris Zuse made the pancreatic juice-based glycerin, which is then given in doses of 10 to 20 drops per day, dissolved in water, which proved of great importance for the treatment of diabetes.

Natrum Phosphoricum 6X extremely effective remedy for the situation in the body, created as a result of excessively high blood sugar in the body.

Phosphoricum Acidum: often revealing a heavy-water milky urine. Before voiding the patient feels unusually agitated, and the increased frequency of urination at night. An excellent remedy for those who are anxious or apathetic, and whose mental and physical performance deteriorated. Extremely effective in the early stages of diabetes.

Phosphorus: The sudden fatigue, sweating attacks, and easy bleeding from small wounds. Numbness of extremities. The sudden dryness of mouth, and physical discomfort. How deep is this drug action, it should not be given frequently.

Syzygium Jambolanum: Barrick Distinguished homeopath was of the opinion that there is no medicine in the homeopathic repertory which effectively reduces the value of sugar in the urine of this. This drug is effective and in diabetic wounds that do not heal.

Uranium nitricum: noticeable weakening of the general tendency to water retention.

Bryonia: Bryonia No medicine as not "recognize" the first symptoms of liver disorders such as dry mouth, and also one of the first signs of diabetes. Stable is a sense of bitterness in the mouth, the person is exhausted and dejected, but thirst may not be so marked, nor appetite.
Certain vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients also play an important role in the control and prevention of diabetes:

Magnesium - Magnesium deficiency is common in people with diabetes. Magnesium is used enzyme systems and maintaining pH balance in the body and prevent certain complications arising as a result of diseases such as retinopathy and heart disease. Sources: whole grains, nuts, soy, vegetables, dark-green leaves.

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin Magnesium is necessary to enter cells and be used properly. Sources: potatoes, yeast, green vegetables.

Manganese - deficiency is also present in diabetics. Manganese helps in the recovery of the pancreas and is an important factor in the metabolism of sugar in the body. Source: bran, fruits, cocoa, tea.

Vitamin C - Helps health of blood vessels and immune system, and it is extremely important, given that insulin facilitates the transfer of vitamin C, and diabetics are at risk and have to think about bringing enough of this vitamin.

Vitamin E - for better circulation and activity of insulin. Prevents the formation of long-term complications of the disease.

Zinc - Zinc deficiency is linked to diabetes. Sources: soy, sprouts, sunflower seeds, spinach, legumes.

Omega-3 - Reduces triglycerides and compensates for the lack of essential fatty acids, characteristic of diabetes.

Vitamin B12 - The prevention of diabetic neuropathy. Additional sources: seafood, algae.

Coenzyme Q10 - Stimulates the production of the insulin. Additional resources: fish, cereals, rice, legumes, broccoli.
Some of the useful natural therapy of diabetes:

Color therapy, all over the body: the spread of green for a half hour, yellow for 15 minutes - twice a day.

Hydrotherapy: warm bath is important to maintain cleanliness and heating needs of patients.

Chelates Therapy: The purpose of decontamination of the body and prevent complications associated with diabetes.

Reflexology: The work on reflex points, placed on the hands and feet, which correspond to the liver and pancreas, pituitary gland and the adrenal glands. Gentle massage of the whole body twice a day, for 5 minutes.
Pressing the following points twice a day, each lasting a few minutes:
2-pituitary gland, 30 cerebrum, the cerebellum 4-, 20 - adrenal gland, kidney 21-22-pancreas (five minutes by this point) and 24-livers.

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