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Women are three times more vulnerable to migraine than men. Did you know that the piercing headaches may suffer and the children? Before you is the consultant for small to how to identify and mitigate.

About 15% of the citizens of our country suffers from migraines, so we are in fact a very high place in the world. It is believed that two-thirds of them at least once a year, has a headache, a migraine is one of the most common forms. Some will then simply put a cold towel on your forehead and go to a darkened room, the other under the warm shower to help the pain lodged. Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound in combination with an indescribable headache symptoms are migraines that are different from other types of headaches. Why do migraines occur, it is still unknown, and doctors, but assume an important role hormones play. We bring you the answers to some common questions related to this disease.

Migraine affects women three times more frequently than men. Why?
It is known that women in their fertile period more suffer from migraines than men. From this we can conclude that the hormone is an important factor for the occurrence of migraine. Individual susceptibility is also important, but it is unclear why one person is more sensitive than others. On the occurrence of migraines can affect the external stimuli such as food or sleep.

Whether children can get migraines?
Yes, children have migraines, but they can not always recognize them as such.
Migraine occurs most frequently in children older than ten years, and possibly younger. Before puberty, migraine is even more common in boys than in girls, which is after the change. Namely, after puberty is three times more common in girls. Many children who suffer from migraines do not stand up well to drive their car and driving often get sick.

Are migraines causing the expansion of blood vessels, or not?
Dr. Gus Sunman, a Dutch physician in the Clinical Center Leiden, recently conducted a study which did not prove a link between migraines and varicose veins. This discovery is important because it means that new drugs for migraine would no longer need to have the effect of narrowing of blood vessels, and it is important for patients who suffer from a narrowing of blood vessels. The current drugs for migraine, triptans, constricts blood vessels in the brain, and doctors are very cautious when they prescribe for people at high risk of heart disease or blood vessels. New medications that do not affect the constriction of blood vessels in the brain should be a good alternative, but they are still under investigation and will probably be years until they start to apply.

Substances that aggravate migraines?
It has been shown that the consumption of drugs for pain and excessive amounts of caffeine can worsen migraine or other forms of headache. If someone takes more than 10 to 15 days per month painkillers a day and drink more than five drinks that contain caffeine, may develop a headache that occurs because of dependence on drugs or caffeine.
In such cases much can be done. For example, one can break the vicious circle to three months without taking drugs for pain and migraine, such as aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen.
It also should not drink coffee, tea and soft drinks.

What about chocolate and red wine?
There are blacklists of food products that allegedly cause migraines. It also mentions chocolate, cheese, dairy products and red wine ... which is nonsense. Similar to the premenstrual syndrome, just feel a desire for something that hurts you, but that does not mean that because you get your period.
Many people think that migraine is caused by eating certain foods, however, just when the chocolate navalite attack has already begun.

When can we expect a preventive medicine for migraines?
Already there are assets that can be taken daily to prevent attacks. First of all, people who have attacks three times a month or more frequently, can benefit from them. Half of the patients after the consumption of these drugs have attacks even half as often. For some, however, failed to produce any medications.
For migraine is said to be a disease "hysterical woman", or those under stress. How much truth in that statement?
Migraine has long ceased to be a disease of hysterical women with stress caused by the attacks. To date, has not been proven that stress causes migraines. Even in patients who thought that their own stress causes migraine attacks. When such patients are not identified or elevated levels of stress hormones, or elevated blood pressure or fast heartbeat.

Does depression cause headaches or a maybe situation is reversed?
Approximately 40% of patients who suffer from migraines suffer from depression. However, one is not from another. You will not become depressed just because you really have a headache. Most likely you are just genetically more susceptible to both disorders.

How are migraines treated?
Treatment of migraine involves the simultaneous use of multiple methods. First of all, these are drugs, but the patient is expected to change in lifestyle and diet, it is sometimes necessary and psychotherapy, and lately more and more patients who decide to use some other, alternative methods of treatment. So far it has proved effective and acupuncture.

How do I know if someone is suffering from migraines and what to look for?
You need to contact the doctor who will, based on thorough examination and case history will be able to conclude something more. It will ask you if you have a headache: permanently or periodically, how it hurts (the character and intensity of pain) that part of the head pain (front, the entire head of the head, etc.) are there any side effects such as vomiting or hypersensitivity to external stimuli such as light.
Symptoms of classic migraine (with aura) patients begin to feel the 24 hours before the attack. During this period the person feels restlessness, depressed and has trouble concentrating. Aura is a kind of signal that warns there will be a migraine attack. People then usually glare spots in the visual field. After the aura, which lasts 30 minutes, to develop a stabbing or pulsating headache. Some people appear and migraine without aura.

Cluster Headache: migraine-like symptoms, but occurs at night
Cluster headache (CG) is a very intense form of headache that is not related migraine. There are two types: episodic and chronic cluster headache. In episodic headaches occur during a period of exactly a year, so-called cluster periods. When there is chronic periods without attacks. The attacks last from fifteen minutes to three hours and usually occur several times a day. For a typical cluster headache attacks that usually occur at night.There are indications that have a role in this area of ​​the brain that register the day-night rhythm. Seven of 10,000 people suffer from cluster headaches. Surprisingly large number of men with problems, especially in an age zmeđu 17 and 49 years, which were usually present form of episodic cluster headache.
Women, on average, more frequently suffer from headaches and chronic forms. It is unusual that a small number of people suffering from this type of headache over 65 years.

What other symptoms?
Although cluster headaches are different for each person, there are symptoms that occur in
all patients:
• stabbing pain near the eye
• stuffy nose
• red and watery eyes
• reduction in pupil
• drooping eyebrows
• Difficulty in moving

• About 15% of Serbs suffer from migraines, which is a very high percentage, so we are in fact among the first in the world.
• A sick person has an average of two attacks per month.
• Migraine affects women three times more often than men.
• Before puberty was more common in boys than in girls.
• A third of patients who suffer from migraines suffer from depression.
• In one out of three patients migraine attack is accompanied by the appearance of the aura, which means you see flashes of light, star spots, sometimes occur and disorders of sensation in the arm or leg, or difficulty in speech (can not remember the specific words or say the wrong word).
• Only one in three patients, advise your physician.
• Migraine is hereditary.
• triptans are the drugs that are specifically designed for migraine. They successfully stop migraine attacks in 40% of patients in the next two hours of taking the sense of pain would be removed.
• Migraine is often in combination with other diseases such as epilepsy and stroke and heart attack. 
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